Monday, May 7, 2007

What is old?

According to an online dictionary one definition of OLD is: "of, pertaining to, or originating at an earlier period or date."

I watched some of the coverage of Queen Elizabeth II's visit to America. She stopped in Williamsburg, Jamestown, Richmond, among other historical places. Seeing the pictures of Colonial Williamsburg reminded me of a trip I took a few years ago there. I walked around the buildings and enjoyed the whole experience. I remember when I first arrived there I walked into the bookstore of the College of William and Mary. I purchased a sweatshirt that said "College of William and Mary, established 1693." I told the cashier as I made my purchase, "Wow! That's old! 1693? Where I live I think the oldest thing is the Richard Nixon birthplace house built in 1910!" (Note: I know this because I used to give tours at Nixon's presidential museum in Yorba Linda and I've lived in Yorba Linda since I was seven!) The girl asked where I was from and I said, "Southern California...near Disneyland." She just kinda rolled her eyes and said, "Oh." I wonder what was going on in her mind. Another silly Californian!

Another definition of OLD found in the online dictionary..."having lived or existed as specified with relation to younger or newer persons or things."

Yesterday was my birthday. I kinda forgot about it and when someone would say "Happy Birthday" I would go "Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot." It was a day like any other. I just quilted of course. I quilted a beautiful kimono quilt. Such a lovely collection of fabrics.
If you forget it's your birthday does that mean you can skip it? I guess age is a state of mind. I think I'm still a teenager, but then I have teenagers, so that's not right, is it? Today I go in for a mammogram. Yuck, that's a reminder of my real age!

"No one should take themselves so seriously...With many years ahead to fall in line...Why would you wish that on me, I'll never wanna act my age...What's my age again?...What's my age again?"


love.boxes said...

Your quilts are so amazingly beautiful! I love the Diane Keaton story that you have on the right. It's so perfect and true! Happy Birthday! :)

anabindu said...

Es cierto que la edad está en la mente. Mientras sigas pensando que eres como una adolescente lo serás.
Y seguramente por eso sigues igual que cuando te conocí. Por tí no pasan los años.