Thursday, September 13, 2007

Waste Not, Want Not

Here's what I did with practice pieces from machine quilting...

As a longarm machine quilter, when I wanted to practice some designs or try out some new thread, I used to rack up some boring muslin and quilt away. Then I decided to put up fabrics from my stash that I never used for anything. You know, it's that fabric that just sits in your stash for years and years....never used.

Well, a couple of years ago for my church's children's organization, The Primary, I made these 'practice' pieces into Prayer Rugs. Yes, that's right. Prayer Rugs. (Note: I know not all religions use prayer rugs, but they were just for fun and to remind the kids to pray.) We gave them to each of the children as they celebrated a birthday. I cut the pieces into panels of 14x18 and just attached a simple binding by machine (using leftover binding from previous projects), rolled up the little rug, tied it with a bow and attached the following poem:

I’m your little Prayer Rug
Kneel on me to pray.
Keep me by your bedside
I’ll help you start your day.
And when your day has ended,
Your work and play are through
Heavenly Father is waiting,
He wants to hear from you!
Happy Birthday!
The children seemed to enjoy receiving these rugs. And it gave me a chance to recyle those practice pieces. I know, I know, maybe they didn't even use them. Perhaps they were doll blankets for the girls or something to wipe their noses with. Maybe their mom's ended up using them for dust rags. But still, it helped me to use up my stash!


Mary said...

That's a creative use for your practice pieces and I'm sure the kids loved them.

Thimbleanna said...

Those are really cute Vivian!

chq said...

I'm loving your blog. I'm a quilter, and I was just released as Primary Pres in my ward. What a great gift idea & poem to help the children remember to pray. I bet they loved them!

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