Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to You from Me!

It's a beautiful day here in Orange County. The sun is shining and it's about 70-degrees. Lovely day. This is the first Thanksgiving in a couple of years that we are staying here in California. Last year we went to the Oregon Coast, where my family rented a lovely beach house at Rockaway Beach. Haystack Rock, near the beach house we stayed at.

Four brave explorers, Lewis, Clark, Stacy, and Todd in Seaside, Oregon.

While we were in Oregon, Daughter #1 was serving a mission in Portland. We didn't get to visit her, but she finished her mission and returned home just 3 weeks later. Here she is with one of her companions.

The year before that we went to Utah and visited the tiny town of Castle Dale, where my father-in-law now lives.

No, this is not my father-in-law's house. My son is standing on top of a pioneer house at the place where they perform a play called the "Castle Valley Pageant."

This year we are headed to the home of some dear friends in LaMirada. We are bringing the pies. So did Vivian bake her pies? No, I'm afraid those days are gone. (remember I'm no longer under the Martha Stewart spell.) I used to do that years ago, and my pies were delicious, if I do say so myself! Now I stand in line with hundreds of other people in front of the Marie Callenders and pick up my pies. No work at all. Oh yes, I did have to look their phone number up, dial it, and talk to a girl to tell her what pies to reserve for me! And then there was the 20 minutes waiting in line making small talk with other non-pie-bakers. I got chocolate creme, banana creme, pumpkin, apple, and razzleberry. Mmmmm! Good.

Today I hope you take a minute to reflect on your blessings. I am so grateful for all I have. The Lord has truly blessed me. This morning I read a great quote.

"Ours is the responsibility to show our gratitude by the actions of our lives."
--Thomas S. Monson.

I hope that the actions of my life show my gratitude. Have a lovely day.

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