Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Something Old...Something New

A couple of weeks ago our power went out for about an hour during the windstorms here in Southern California. (a minor inconvenience compared to what others went through!) My 17-year old son was not able to use his Xbox. We sat around the candlelight and talked. That was such a rare experience, but so nice. When the power came back on, he was finally able to get back on to Halo3 and fight battles with his friends from all over the world. For a few moments, I watched him play. I was amazed at the graphics of that game. My goodness! The last time I looked at a video game was Pong! (yes, I have been busy quilting...no time for video games!)

Something Old
I remember the early 70's, when my father drove us down to Camelot to play miniature golf and pinball machines. It was a favorite pastime of my family. One evening my dad told us about a new game at Camelot we had to see. It was called 'Pong.' I remember seeing it for the first time. Other families were all huddled around the console to see this fantastic new game. It was the most amazing thing our eyes had ever seen!

Something New
And there I was 30 years later watching my son's video game. Not quite the 'Pong' of my childhood! No need to huddle around a big console.
He plays the games in the convenience of his own home, linked to others from all over the world.
And aren't these graphics amazing?

Something Old
And here is a quilt I worked on recently. A lovely hand pieced Double Wedding Ring. Someone many years ago, put a lot of work into this beauty. Now it is finished and ready to be enjoyed by others.
Something New
And here is a quilt I did a few years ago. Shhh! Secret: It's not pieced. Hope you can't tell. A lovely piece of 'cheater cloth' purchased from Walmart...made to look old, now finished and ready to be enjoyed by others, too!

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