Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Blue Christmas

I have confession to make.

I had a "Blue Christmas" this year.
I listened to Elvis' classic tune the other night on the radio. It described the theme for my Christmas this year.

You see, I miss my little children. It was such a strange year for me as a mother. I went from 3 children at home to 1. Not only did I lose 2 daughters this year to marriages...but having one of those weddings just 10 days before Christmas, was not easy!

After Daughter #2's wedding festivities were over, it finally hit me. Things were so quiet around here. Not that kind of quiet that you go "Oh, this is nice." No. It was that kind of quiet where you go "Oh, this is weird."

My parents stayed with us for a week after the wedding and then the Sat. before Christmas they headed out to Palm Springs to stay with my brother and his family. You see, they have little ones. They still play 'Santa' and do all those fun traditions with their girls. So after my parents and the other relatives who had come out here for the wedding, had all gone home, it was so quiet.

Here at my house it was just Me, My DH, and My Baby Boy (the 17-year old high school senior). After the wedding, Daughter #1 and her Sweetheart returned to their new home in Utah, where they spent their first Christmas together starting their own traditions. Daughter #2 and her Sweetheart went on their honeymoon in the southern Caribbean. They'll be back after their 12-day cruise tomorrow night to begin their new life together here in Orange County.

Oh, how I remember when my kids were little and other moms would say, "treasure these times, Vivian. Someday they'll grow up and then they'll leave you." I guess I thought someday wouldn't happen for many years. It's happened.

My goodness! When did I get older too?

My little kids on a favorite vacation in Las Vegas.

My little kids all grown up. Left to right: My Baby Boy, Daughter #2 with her Sweetheart, Daughter #1 with her Sweetheart.

Hopefully next year's Christmas theme will be "I'll be home for Christmas"!!!

(As you can tell, I took a break from quilting. It's time for Vivian to get busy again!)


Feather on a Wire said...

My one and only DD came home from university (1st year)for Christmas and on Christmas Day her boyfriend came up to visit.
I felt for his mother and also know that it won't be long before she spends a Christmas somewhere else. How did she grow up so very soon?
Our babies should grow up and away but it is hard, very hard.

Levi & Kara said...

Oh Vivie! I need to come visit you!

Thimbleanna said...

So sorry about your blue Christmas Vivian! Having the kids grow up is the pits! I'll probably be facing a similar fate next year and if not then certainly the year after as the Christmas rotations begin for the newlyweds. It's just too unfair -- you spend all those years cuddling them and then they're gone.

dee said...

my son is not engaged yet but he's been seeing Dani for nearly 4 years so he is now spending part of the holidays with her family. It is bittersweet but a part of life I'm getting used to....sort of. I know what you mean though. Change is sometimes difficult. Sending warm thoughts and wishes for a very Happy New Year.

Granny Fran said...

I remember those quiet days many years ago. My son turned 50 at Thanksgiving this year! Sometimes it would be great to look out the window and see them out playing with their trucks in the yard, again. Thank God for grandkids and great grandkids!