Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pictures to share...

I received pictures from Daughter #2's wedding. I know I've already written lots about it, but here are some beautiful pictures that our photographer Tashia took. I recommend her highly...for weddings, portraits, etc. Such talent! Check this out:

Beautiful Daughter #2. Jewelry: No, not Harry Winston, but Avon.

The cake topper made by my talented 17-year old Baby Boy for his sister. He sculpted it out of polymer clay. I love it.

Daughter #1 and her Sweetheart came all the way from Utah to attend. They were such a great help. Notice the decorations behind them we put together...remember it was a Miracle! Street lamps rented from Create-A-Party. Silk greenery borrowed from a friend. White sheer fabric borrowed from another friend. Lots of white lights throughout.

And don't forget the lights on the ceiling! Awesome.

Snowflakes from Michaels.

Hair and makeup by Daughter #2's best friend. Beautiful girls, don't you agree?

Centerpieces: black spray-painted Coca-cola bottles, mirrors, black satin cloth napkins, white table cloths, sparkly stuff from Michaels.

Food: We rented the In-N-Out trailer. They came and served burgers and soda. It's a self-contained trailer where they grilled the burgers and served them. This was hit of the reception, for sure! Everyone loved it!

Daughter #2 and her Sweetheart as they left the reception in their 'comfy' clothes. They took off the next day for a 12-day cruise in the southern Caribbean. As they left, guests threw's a biodegradable, water soluable product that looked like snow. It was so pretty!

A beautiful, happy couple at the Newport Beach LDS temple. It was a wonderful day.

Thanks for letting me share this experience with you, my blogging friends. It has helped me to look back at that day and reflect on what wonderful friends and family we have. So many people helped us. And some of the hardest workers included Daughter #2's in-laws and family. And so many of our family traveled great distances to be with us. They were such a great help to us. We are so blessed.


Debra Spincic said...

I love that you used more creative genius than money to pull off the theme! Bravo!

Sarah said...

So pretty! What a creative team you all must be!

Diane said...

It turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing some of the pics. Love ya!

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful pictures Vivian! The girls are gorgeous -- especially the bride. And the cake topper is awesome -- that's one talented boy you have! LOVE the burger idea -- how fun!