Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some Stories Are Worth Repeating.

Last May I wrote about A Republican Quilt for a Democrat. I want to repeat the story...or rather have you go back to that blog entry...for two reasons.
One: Yesterday was Richard Nixon's birthday. Two: With the Primary Elections going on, I thought you might enjoy the story.

What is a Republican Quilt for a Democrat? To find out, you must read the entire entry here.

Did you know if Pres. Nixon were still alive today, he would be 94? I was raised in 'Yorba Linda: Birthplace of Nixon.' I don't think many Yorba Lindans even say that anymore. Things changed after Watergate, you see. In my family though, my dad always said, 'Yorba Linda: Birthplace of Nixon.' (at right: a young Richard Nixon when he lived in Yorba Linda.)
Shortly after we moved to Yorba Linda, California Richard Nixon was running for President. He came through Yorba Linda as he campaigned and my dad took us to go see him. I was only 8, but I still remember the crowd, and my dad putting me up on his shoulders so I could get a glimpse of who my dad said would be, 'the next President of the United States.' Nixon won, as you know.

At right: Although this picture is how he looked as he campaigned in Pennsylvania, it's much like how I remember him.

Fast forward about 30 years and I still lived in Yorba Linda. I even bought my parents' home. Well, the year was 1995 and it was a year after Pres. Nixon died. I went into the gift shop at his Presidential Library to buy the Nixon commemorative stamp on the first day of issue. (I went through a phase of collecting stamps and baseball cards, too.)

Well from the first day I entered his Presidential Library, I decided I had to be part of it. So I gave tours and guided visitors for 7 years there. I learned a lot about Pres. Nixon. Mostly that he was a very complex man, who will be remembered for good and bad.
So, 'Happy Birthday Mr. President!'---oops! she wasn't singing to Nixon was she?

My favorite Richard Nixon quote: "Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain. "

Sadly, his most famous quote is: "I am not a crook."
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Thimbleanna said...

Ahhh, the sadness of the scandal. I don't care if he was a crook, I liked him. ;-) Happy Birthday Tricky Dick!