Friday, April 18, 2008

Party With The Purse Dog!

"Today I turn 4 years old. According to the DogYear Conversion calculator, that makes me 29! I have been partying all day and enjoying all the attention. " "But my owner won't leave me alone. She's always taking my picture!"

"Maybe if I hide, she'll go away and leave me alone!"

"Hey, she's still there! Always snapping away. She must be the paparazzi! It's hard work to be so beautiful all the time. I feel like a movie star!"
"What did I look like four years ago? Pretty much the same. Everyone thinks I am a puppy. Shhh! We won't tell them my real age! My owner keeps her real age a secret too!""Here are some pictures I'd like to share with you from my Purse Dog Family Album. Here is my first owner, Daughter #1 who first brought me home. She lives in Utah and has her own Purse Dog named Ruby."
"Ruby is my Country Cousin. Don't you love her fleece blanket? My owner made it. I helped...ok, I took a nap while she made it."

"Here I am kissing Daughter #2. She moved to LaHabra. I miss her. I used to sleep with her every night. Now she sleeps with her husband! What's the deal with that?"
"Here I am with BabyBoy. He's the one I sleep with now. Here he's dressed up for Halloween. He is fun and always teases me. See, it looks like he's going to eat me. He's always kidding around."
"Here is an extra piece of fleece my owner says she will make into another Purse Dog fleece blanket. It can be yours if you leave a comment below and wish me a Happy Birthday. Maybe you have a dog you'd like to give it to."

"Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday dear Purse Dog! Happy Birthday to Me!"
***Leave a comment below to win a little Purse Dog fleece blanket. Contest open to US & Canada residents only. Drawing will be: Mon. Apr. 21st 8pm PDT****


Staci Jayne Love said...

I only want the blanket if the Purse Dog is included!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Purse Dog. It's fun looking at all of your pictures. You are lucky to have such a good family!

Minou said...

That is one cute doggy....Happy Birthday Purse Dog! Don't put me in for the drawing dogs would eat a beautiful quilt. Bad doggies!!!!!!!!!


Smashley said...

I want a purse dog of my own! Maybe a new blankie will inspire me.

p.s. love your blog, I've been reading for a couple of months!

Stefani McCune said...

Happy birthday purse dog! You're pretty cute! Your cousin, Theda Cleo the cat is turns 16 this month. That makes her 81 in human years. So does that mean she can drive now or is she too old to drive?

P.S. What's the homeschooling mom's link? Let me know what you think of Jus!
Love, S

Stefani McCune said...

Thanks for the link. Great flannel board stuff. I've saved her blog so I can go there and print them for us to use for FHE. We met an 8 week old purse dog today. He is a Yorkie. Cute! It was the first time S. has held a puppy. We're still waiting for H's first time. ;-)

Shana May Rodriguez said...

My two purse dogs;Xuxa and Rocco want to wish you a "Happy Birthday". Also, we love your blanket especially Rocco who has to use a pink blanket. By the way LOVE your blogg as well as Staci jayne, you are always so busy makes my life look boring.

Thimbleanna said...

That little purse dog is adorable! I miss my dog -- maybe someday we'll be able to get another one -- with the kids gone now, the poor little thing would be pretty lonely! Happy Birthday Purse Dog!

Kara & Levi said...

I hope I'm not too late! I didn't look at your blog til 9:51 your time!!!! Can I still be entered????