Monday, July 28, 2008

A Little Glitz!

I finally finished a sample for my upcoming class, "Find Your Feather." It took me a while because I had to finish the binding. (I really need to pay someone to do my bindings! It's my least favorite part of quilting!) Just to add a little glitz, I applied some Swarovski crystals from Cheri's Crystals. I bought a whole kit when I was in Dallas about 3 years ago. I met Cheri at Linda Taylor's studio. You affix the crystals with this very hot tool you see below. Be careful not to touch it! I repeat, be careful not to touch it! (I'm telling you because I learned the hard way! Ouch!)
My sample will be hung over at Cranberry Quiltworks, where I will teach my classes. I've been teaching a Freemotion class there for a few years, but now I'm offering a Freemotion feather class called "Find Your Feather."
You see, in longarm machine quilting, there are many different kinds of feathers to do. This is a small sample of some of them. Can you see the crystals? I don't know if my camera really caught them.
Here is a compass I came up with a few months ago.
And here's an easy design that looks great on a quilt:
Here's a closer view of it below. I used some King Tut variegated thread for my sample.
And here's someone who loves a little glitz, too! The Purse Dog! She looks like a true California Angels fan, don't you think? Oops, my bad! I mean The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim!

Sorry about that, Purse Dog! Now go back to sleep!


Karen said...

Wow. All your feathers are neat!

kathyinozarks said...

I love the varigated thread beautiful work