Friday, August 22, 2008

Dr. Jones! Dr. Jones!

I have been so busy quilting I realized that I've missed seeing all the popular movies this summer. I never saw the new Indiana Jones movie, Iron Man, The Dark Knight...not even Mama Mia!

Speaking of Indiana Jones..many years ago I was at Sony Pictures studios with some friends. We took a little tour of a set being used for some scenes of the movie, "What Lies Beneath." Harrison Ford just walked over to his trailer for a break. I walked right next to his trailer and a window was open. I knew gorgeous Harrison Ford was right in there and I could yell something in the window and he would hear me! I couldn't think of anything to say. I could have said, "Hey, Han Solo" or "Hey, Mr. Ford, I'm your #1 Fan!" but what did I say? All I could think of was, "Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones!" Isn't that silly? What would you have said?

Speaking of movies...would you like to give your input to an aspiring screenwriter? Daughter #2 is taking a college class and would like your input. She needs to submit a new script. Go visit her blog and help her out with some ideas. Click here: Daughter #2.

Next post I promise I'll share some quilt pictures, but I wanted you to see these beautiful textiles my BabyBoy brought back from Peru. All woven or embroidered. Amazing.


Sheri said...

Beautiful fabrics!

Myra said...

Great textiles you have there! Gorgeous!