Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gadgets, Gizmos, and Inspiration

I thought I'd share some of my favorite gadgets. Some are actual sewing notions, but others are just things I use. I may not be using them for the purpose they were originally created but, oh well!

The first is a "Viewtainer." I got it at Home Depot and I use it to unwind bobbins. I put a couple inside and pull on the strings through the lid and they don't go flying across the room as I'm rewinding--that's what used to happen!
The next is a King Tut thread spool. This is what a spool looks like full of thread.
Below is an empty one. I stuck it into the handles of my Gammill longarm quilting machine and it's now a place to put my thread scissors.
Below is a gadget I purchased a few weeks ago from Cranberry Quiltworks. It's the new Grip-Lite side clamp. I love it! I've been using mine for a couple of weeks now. They are lightweight and yet hold very well. I especially like the double-sided velcro straps.
Now, for inspiration, I look at these books now and then. Here are just a few I love to look at and say "oooh, ahhh!" Believe me! I have shelves and shelves of quilting books!

From the bottom:

Karen McTavish's "Mastering the Art of McTavishing." (I never did really master the art of McTavishing...I do the ol' Vivian-Love-is-just-wingin-it technique!)

Next there is Sharon Schamber's "Piece by Piece." (she is awesome! I met her last year and wrote an article about it for Quilter's Buzz...check it out here: QuiltersBuzz: MQS)

Christine Maraccini's "Machine Quilting Solutions". (recommended to me by a fellow longarm quilter.)

Linda V. Taylor's "Ultimate Guide to Longarm Machine Quilting." (practically everything you'd ever need to know about longarm quilting! ...mine's an autographed copy...does that make it more valuable?)

Sally Terry's "Pathway's to Better Quilting." (I finally figured out how to do the 'Terry Twist')

Harriet Hargrave's "Heirloom Machine Quilting." (my copy was printed in 1990...which means I've been drooling over these pictures for 18 years!)

Rodale's "Choosing Quilting Designs." (This book helped me do just that...choose quilting designs!)

Pam Clarke's "Designs With Lines" workbook. (I took Pam's class in 2002 and it changed my life! I'm not kidding! She was the one that got me hooked on freemotion quilting! Awesome teacher!)

Quilter's Newsletter Magazine "March 1997" (I put that on top of the pile because I'm in that issue. That's when I was strictly a hand quilter. In fact I was anti-machine quilting! Can you believe how things have changed since 1997? Even Vivian Love has changed!)


Now to borrow a quote from Monty Python's Flying Circus:
And now for something completely different....

Check out these last two quilts I worked on. They are quite different. I love them!

Don't you love this butterfly? I don't think I've ever seen a quilt like this one. I used Signature Variegated thread: "Purple Haze", in my bobbin. And did I think of the 1966 Jimi Hendrick's song, Purple Haze, as I quilted? You know it! Check out the butterfly on the back!
Here's another one that is quite different...

I stitched some freehand flowers and swirls throughout.
Well, blogging friends...

This is my 200th post. Can you believe it? So I'm going to be taking a little break. Check back in about a week for a fun 200th post give-away. The Purse Dog is so excited for it!

Yesterday my husband and the BabyBoy left on a.... guessed it! A jet plane!
They are off to Peru for high adventure and humanitarian service. So, what will Vivian do? Make a quick trip up to Utah to visit Daughter #1 for the weekend. I wonder if she has a cow on her roof too, like these folks.
I did ask if I needed to wear my pioneer bonnet when I visit her little town!
Now, to finish another quilt and clean up my house! I don't want the housesitter to think I'm a pig!


Penny said...

Have a nice break. I just love your blog. Your work is amazing.

Myra said...

Happy 200th post!!! 8-)
A lovely post! Inspirational! Colorful! Love the Purse Dog too! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Suzanne said...

Wow...200, that is great. I can honestly saw I have enjoy everyone I have read too.

Have fun in Utah. I hope you find some good info at the FH Library

Anonymous said...

That butterfly quilt is stunning. The quilting you did on it, it gorgeous! Do you know the designer of the pattern?

~Angie said...

Have fun on your trip to visit daughter #1. I love reading on your blog. I learn so much from your posts. I have a long arm too...and looking at that butterfly quilt thinking of the hours and hours of time you spent quilting it. It's gorgeous! I love the feathering you did on wings! Congratulations on 200 blog posts!

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, you sure get some interesting quilts Vivian. What beautiful quilting. Have a great visit with your daughter!

Mark & Stefani McCune said...

Who knew there were so many gadgets for quilting! We haven't forgotten about the scissor charms...been super busy. But I pulled out the clasps and got some larger jump rings. We're working on patterns. Hope the boys are having fun. Hope you have fun on your trip. :)