Monday, September 29, 2008

Time for Tea and Time for a Movie

Time for Tea...
I just finished quilting a lovely Susan Branch quilt for Calico House. Is a darling quilt with 'tea time' as the theme. This quilt had lots of applique, embroidery, and cute little touches. I am not a tea drinker, but I think any tea drinker quilting this, would be in the mood for a cup of tea. Instead I was reminded of the film, "Sleepless In Seattle."


Did she just say she was reminded of Sleepless in Seattle???"
Yes, that's right. Is it just me or did anyone else notice how many times you see Meg Ryan's character filling up her tea kettle and making tea? I didn't count how many times, but I think it was about 20 times. You don't see him, but my BabyBoy is holding up the quilt for his mom. Poor kid. (Oh my, is that a picture of Sting on the wall?...yes, I get to quilt and stare at Sting all day. Yum!)

And now onto another movie...

Last weekend I took Daughter #2 with me to see a "Chick Flick." Ok, let me clarify that. It was "40+ Chick Flick", so Daughter #2 was a little bored. We saw "Nights in Rodanthe" starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere. I enjoyed it but it reminded of a made-for-TV-film, perhaps something you'd see on Lifetime. I went especially to see Diane Lane. I'm a huge fan. And to see James Franco, who plays Richard Gere's character's son. He's not even credited in the film, but it was worth it to see him cry...once again! (He cries in most of his films!)
The film was lovely. The setting was not at all like the beaches where I live. The set decoration of the beach house was absolutely beautiful. You should go see it just to see that beach house!
Richard Gere's character reminded me of an older version of "Edward Lewis"...his character in Pretty Woman. Diane Lane is just lovely. How can she look so good and be 43? What skin care does she use?

My only complaint about the film...the name. Being from southern California, I've never heard of Rodanthe. I think they should have called it "Nights in Laguna" or "Nights in Santa Barbara." Easier to pronounce! Anway, if you love Nicholas Sparks novels, you'll enjoy it. Go see it!
The Purse Dog says she'll wait till it's out on DVD.
Have a great day, blogging friends!


MYRA said...

A great tea time quilt! Lovely!

I was thinking to go and see that movie...

Happy stitchings...

Material Mary said...

My little sister told me about your all started with the Heather Bailey quilt. I have loved it ever since. I am from Cache Valley and have enjoyed your pieces about your ancestors. If I am ever in California, I'll look you up. Come over and visit my blog sometime.

Anonymous said...


Richard Gere and particularly Diane Lane were adorable in it and I was very VERY moved.

Diane Lane especially was great in the movie!

gramakas said...

I thought the exact same thing about the "Nights in Ro...whereever" movie. I thought it should have been on the Hallmark channel. I think the film took place in North Carolina, hence the East Coast name.

Quilt Hollow said...

After friends told me to take plenty of Kleenex I went to see the movie and was disappointed that I didn't cry! It was a bit hokey and way too predictable. I wish I would have waited to see it on DVD on a boring winter Saturday a Lifetime flick. The movie was filmed off the coast of NC (where I live). I hadn't been to that area but the gal I did goes regularly and repeatedly interruped each time she recognized it.

Your quilting is awesome....have a good weekend!