Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Little Bit Behind

I'm a little behind in my work. How did this happen? Seems like the last few months, so many unplanned events have happened in my life. So many that I can't even list them all. Of course the most recent unplanned event was the firestorms that came through my town, Yorba Linda. I bagged up all my customers' quilts, ready to evacuate. I kept them bagged up for a few days after the fires were over, so they wouldn't smell like smoke. After all, I advertise that I quilt in a smoke-free environment. I've been trying to get caught up, though. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel, finally. I'm sure I'll be on-track for Christmas!

Here's a cute little baby quilt I just finished working on...
I learned this simple freehand design you see below from Pam Clarke. I took a class from her about 8 years ago. She is one of my favorite machine quilting teachers.
Aren't these flowers cute?
If you read my last post, you learned about the Favorite Aunt--my sister. Thank you for all your kind comments and emails.
Now let me tell you about my Favorite Aunt--Aunt Cherine.Above: The two favorite aunts. This picture was taken many years ago in front of Cherine's home in Payson, Utah. My sister is on the left and Cherine is on the right. I'm so glad I have this picture of the two of them!

A Californian, through-and-through, she and my uncle retired and purchased an old pioneer home in Payson, Utah. When I was at BYU they were living there. Whenever I felt like I needed a break from college life, I'd go down to her house. Her home was filled with antiques. You felt like you had stepped back in time. She even had an antique shop in town. Her home had such a warm, comfortable feeling. She and I would sit at the kitchen table and have great talks. Many times she said I reminded her of herself. She would look at me and pretend to be fixing her she was looking at a mirror. She left this mortal life in 1998 and was buried in Heber, Utah. I miss her. Daughter #2's middle name is her name.
Above, Cherine at my brother's wedding, 1993. She's just about to hug Daughter #1. She loved my girls!
Before she passed away she gave me her copy of the book, "Jane Eyre." I've had it on a book shelf for many years. One day not too long ago, I picked it up and took a good look at it. It's a library book!
It's 59 years overdue! Published in 1927, this book is from the Santa Monica Junior College, where my aunt attended. (She later graduated from dental hygiene at USC.)
Take a closer look.
As you can see, it was due in 1949! According to the college library website, an overdue fine is 25-cents a day. I calculated that it has been overdue for about 21,535 days. That would be $5,383.75 due! I'm sure they would have forgiven my aunt by now!
Have a good week, blogging friends!


dee said...

I have several of those kinds of books that I bought at the library book sale. When they replace old worn copies of books they sell them for so much a bag. Maybe that's where she got it. It's funny that you mentioned it because I remember thinking that someday someone would think I took them and never returned them. I'm glad you're back to quilting. It has to make you feel a lot calmer. Love hearing your stories of family.

Vicki W said...

Your quilting is beautiful!

Sarah said...

That old library book is awesome! You've got a lot of fines, young lady.

Suzanne said...

I have visited your Aunt C shop in Payson...that's where I had our first child. We didn't have much in the way of shopping in Nephi and would drive up to Payson and Spanish Fork twice a month to shop.

I'm glad you are back to quilting and safe from the fires. You do such wonderful patterns & designs.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Beautiful quilting on the baby quilt. So glad the fire situation is under control. Loved your "aunt" stories and was very moved by the one about your sister. And that was a great book that stayed with your aunt from her college days- one of my favorites!

MYRA said...

What an adorable baby quilt!!! Great quilting! 8-)