Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just Because...

Oh my goodness! I've been so busy quilting. And I'm trying to survive the Christmas hustle and bustle too. But I just wanted to take a minute to share some quilts and thoughts with you.

Just because....I love feathers. I've been doing them a lot lately. On just about every quilt these days. Where are the feathers? How about a closer look? It was hard to photograph feathers red on red. Hope you can see them.
Here's some more feathers...
And more...
Here's a lovely quilt that came all the way from Connecticut. Lovely feathers throughout.
I really do love feathers!


And a couple of weeks ago my husband took me to an L.A. Lakers game. I loved watching #16. Why?

Just because...he's a Spaniard!

Yes, that's right. Have you ever heard Pao Gasol give an interview in Spanish? It will make you melt. Oh, that Spanish accent! I love it! Just hearing it takes me back to Spain. There's nothing like it. It's like music to my ears. Oh, how I miss Spain! (and, he's a pretty good ballplayer too.)Ok, I didn't just go to watch Pao Gasol. I also went to take pictures of the stars. Here's Dyan Cannon below...a loyal Laker courtside fan. Can you believe she's 71? From where I was sitting she looked like a teenager!


While I've been quilting these days, I've had Christmas DVD's playing on my TV. They have to be movies I've seen many times. That way I can quilt and not focus on the movie. I just listen to the movie. Here's one of my favorites: The Family Stone.

Why do I love this movie?

Just because...of Diane Keaton. One of my favorite actresses.Go rent this DVD and enjoy Diane Keaton!


And I'm nervous and probably won't sleep tonight. Why?

Just because...I have a hard time saying no.

No to what?

I should have said "NO" to playing the organ at church tomorrow. It's just a little part--a descant--so it's not a solo. But I've never played the organ really. I took piano lessons from the age of 9 to 18. When I was 16 my piano teacher wanted to teach me the organ too. She worked with me for two lessons and then I rebeled. I told her I didn't want to learn. I refused. I only wanted to play the piano. Here I am kicking myself. Why didn't I take organ lessons? Ok, I'm not accompanying the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! But still...I will not sleep a wink tonight! I hope you're enjoying your holiday season. "Feliz Navidad"---Do I sound like a Spaniard?


Material Mary said...

Vivian, I just love your machine quilting. You really have a gift of breathing life into fabric and I for one really appreciate that gift. Your work is amazing and beautiful.

Merry Christmas!!

dee said...

More absolutely stunning work Vivian. Hope the music sounds great. Dyan Cannon gives me hope. That girl has great genes.

~Angie said...

Vivian you are such an inspiration to me. I just love your quilting. Is the Cherry quilt yours or a clients? I would love to have the pattern as my grandaughter is crazy for anything with cherries on it.
I'll be waiting to hear how the organ playing goes. I played the organ for awhile, but it was so long ago. Love reading your blog! You do so many interesting things!

Cindy P said...

I hate sports more than anything and yet I watched every single Laker game last year after Gasol started playing.

He. Is. So. Freaking. Cute.

Your quilting is gorgeous!

anabindu said...

Wow, que envidia poder ver a Pao en vivo y en directo. No es sólo buen jugador sino también buena persona.Aunque su acento y el mio es muy distinto, el acento andaluz es el más divertido de toda España. Pero mejor escribirte en español que en andaluz.

Feliz Navidad!, suena muy bien.