Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Cast Of My Life: Silly Nonsense

Since it's the weekend and I have tons of quilts to do and should be out enjoying the beautiful southern California winter weather...I'm taking a break and going out and running a few laps. No, instead I'm choosing to sit down at my computer and make this silly blog post for you.
In honor of Oscar weekend!

The Cast of The Life of Vivian Love
Susan St. James as Vivian Love
If it were a film about a young Vivian Love, a young Susan St. James would be perfect for the role...BTW when I was young and McMillan and Wife was a popular show, my friends used to tell me I looked like her!
Or if it were a film about an older Vivian Love, Susan St. James could still have the role. Look how great she looks above. That was last year when she got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Robert Redford as Vivian's Darling Hubby
We would hire Robert Redford in his young, beautiful years or...
Or in his older I'm-wrinkled-because-I've-had-a-great-life version too! We'll take him either way!
A young Dakota Fanning as Daughter #1
because of her cute personality or...
Tyra Banks as Daughter #1.
because of those eyes!
Samwise Gamgee as Daughter #1's Sweetheart.
Or Kevin James as Daughter #1's Sweetheart.
We'd make sure to hire him because Daughter #1's Sweetheart is a big fan of Kevin James!
JamieLynn Spears as Daughter #2.
Seriously, she was mistaken for her once!
Or Victoria Beckham,
if she's available and her salary fits into our budget,
and because Daughter #2 loves her!
(I think Daughter #2 would rather have VB!)
Shia Lebouf as a younger version of Daughter #2's Sweetheart.
Or Keanu Reeves.
We would be happy with either one! Thomas Sangster at my BabyBoy.
(he's the cute little boy in Love Actually.)

or Ashton Kutcher as a current-day BabyBoy.
We would be happy to give the role to either one!

The Cute Dog in As Good As It Gets as The Purse Dog.

Or Snoopy
because The Purse Dog sleeps most of the day, too!

Ok, break time is over! Get back to work, Vivian!

Have a great Oscar weekend, blooging friends...oops, I mean blogging friends!

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