Friday, February 6, 2009

What's In A Name?

Thank you for your helpful comments on my last blog post. It's nice to know that some of you feel the same about quilt bindings. If you notice I have a link list on my side bar that has many of the links you have given me. Check that link list from time to time and I will add more--not just about bindings but other quilting subjects too!
Now, today I'm thinking about names. Here's a name for you: SID. Sid? Who's Sid? You mean what's SID? In quilting terms, it means Stitch-in-the-Ditch. Stitch-in-the-ditch is a technique where you stitch into the well (or ditch) of a seam. It's pretty easy to do with your domestic home sewing machine, but with a longarm it takes some practice. You see, my longarm is a handguided sewing machine and it can be a little tricky guiding the stitch to go right into the ditch. To be honest with you, I used to hate doing SID with my longarm. But now I have a pretty good handle on the process and don't mind it at all. I like to finish most of my machine quilting and then I go back and do some SID lastly.

In a longarm quilting class I took years ago, a quilter asked the instructor her opinion on SID. The quilter slipped on her words and it came out, "What do you think about Stitching-in-the-B@#$!tch" (you get the idea! Remember, this blog is rated G!) Redfaced, the quilter apologized to everyone. We all had a great laugh. Wasn't that what they call a Freudian Slip?

In 2005 I went to Linda Taylor's quilting studio retreat near Dallas Texas. I spent 3 days there learning her techniques and longarm machine quilting methods. (I loved it!) Linda Taylor is a big fan of SID and so part of our supply list read: Bring your favorite SID tool. Well, out of the 6 of us quilters who attended, there were 6 different SID tools! (pictured below--Linda Taylor, me, and Cheri Meineke-Johnson.)
While some longarm machine quilting instructors say SID is not necessary and way too time consuming--others (like Linda Taylor) say to SID wherever you can.

****if you are a longarmer, I'd be interested to know your opinion of Stitching-in-the-Ditch***

Here's an example of what a quilt I worked on recently looked like before I did SID. (Note: yes, this is a Christmas quilt for Christmas 2009!) You'll notice the seams of the borders and sashings are a bit wavy.
And below is how the quilt looks after I did some SID. The seams look more finished and straight. I think it frames the quilt nicely.
My favorite SID tool (below): The Megan Best ruler...easy to handle. And I do so much SID that I keep my extended foot plate on all the time. It helps keep the ruler steady. (Hey, how did my mother's hand get in that picture? Oh, it's mine! I must be getting older!)
And here's the quilt finished. I did SID around the sashings and borders. I like the look.
Did my quilting ancestors do SID? (Mmm, I wonder what they thought about bindings?)

"Sid, who's Sid?"


One more thing...

Here's a name for you. It's Vivian and Love. Yes, that's right. Did you notice that Lisa Marie Presley named her twins after me? Ok, maybe not after me, but they are pretty names anyway: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood.

Hey, didn't Brad and Angelina name one of their twins Vivienne too! What a great name!

Now back to work, Vivian!


Quilt Hollow said...

I agree that SID really does "finish" the quilt...even though a pain to get right smack dab in the middle of the seam at times.

GARI said...

that's the SID tool I have. BUT, I have yet to master it. I know I push down too hard yet I can't seem to keep the tool from moving. But I will keep trying.

Judi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your compliment. I love your site and you do beautiful work. And, I don't like SID, but I am learning that I do need to use that technique in quilts to finish them off better.

Beth said...

Thanks for linking to my binding tutorial! I visit your blog often to get ready to start a new project...Wish I lived closer...I would do ALL your binding!! I LOVE it and I'm kinda a perfectionist about it...(we all have our niches! HA!)

Shannon said...

I may be in the minority, but I love to sew bindings.