Friday, February 27, 2009

Which Track Will He Choose?

I've still been busy quilting. That's the way I like it. (Even with my Lyme disease, I'm keeping up.) I've been so blessed to have so many quilts to do. And I enjoy every single one I get to work on.

Here's a fun one to share with you. This is similar to one I did for the same customer a few months ago. I would give you a link to see the other one but I just can't find it and it's late and I should get to bed!

The cute race track I left unquilted so the little boy who's getting this quilt can race his hotwheels on it a little easier.
In the horizontal strips on the top and bottom I created some more race tracks. This was at the request of the customer. She thought it would be even more fun for the little boy to have more than one race track to play on.
Can you see the other race tracks?
I used a variegated thread throughout. In the race car border I tried to make the swirls look kinda like flames. What do you think? I hope he likes it. I wonder which track he will choose. Hopefully all of them!Have a great weekend!


Debra said...

Cool! I know my boys would have loved this for their hotwheels back in the day!

Material Mary said...

I love all your little quilt stories and seeing your beautiful work. You have a special gift for quilting.