Monday, March 9, 2009

Am I Vintage or Antique?

Recently I started an Etsy Shop. I'm trying to clean up my quilt studio. I'm selling quilt books, craft books, vintage quilt tops, quilt blocks, fabrics, etc. If you are not familiar with Etsy, take a look at it sometime. It's a website to buy and sell all things homemade, vintage and supplies, too!
As I listed these quilt tops and blocks, I was working on the descriptions of them. Did you know that they consider vintage as an item that is more than 20 years old? This made me wonder what would be considered an antique. It didn't really say, but I did a google search and found that an antique is something more than 100 years old. I guess I'm vintage, but not an antique yet!
Maybe if I just add a little sepia-tone. Does that work?
I guess it's all how you look at it. You see, I love antique furniture too. I have a few pieces in my home. A lady visited me once and looked around my home. She said, "Oh I love what you did with all this used furniture." "Used furniture!" I gasped. "I thought it was antique!!!"
Maybe I should use the terms car dealers use. Not used! Just previously owned!
Now back to work, Vivian!


Judi said...

I am glad to now know the difference between vintage and antique, I hadn't thought of it before. I guess I have a few vintage sewing supplies from my grandma, thanks for the info! Take care.

Suzanne said...

Hey, I'm vintage too, though nearly half way to Antique! I'll have to check out Etsy.