Monday, March 30, 2009

More Viewing Enjoyment and You Never Know Who's Going To Be a Vampire!

Feeling much better now. Last week was the worst! Don't have any pictures of recent quilts to show you, but as always I try to share some quilt pics and stories. Well, today these are quilt pics and a completely unrelated story, but I just had to share!

Keep going...

You'll get to the story at the end! First some quilt pics...
Isn't this a darling quilt. A great use of small scraps from your stash.
I don't really know what kind of flowers these are, but I made them roses!
I really do that swirl thing a lot, don't I? Perhaps it's time to create a new kind of filler.
And here's the completely unrelated story!

Watching Twilight recently, Daughter #2 realized that she has met one of the vampires! Or rather, one of the actors that portrays a vampire! That's right. About 4 years ago she worked on a short-lived murder-mystery show called "Close to Home."One episode, Romeo and Juliet Murders, featured a young actor named Jackson Rathbone. Daughter #2 worked in a couple of scenes with him. Look how young he was! Well, that young actor played Jasper Hale in Twilight!
He looks a little older and a lot more creepy, don't you think? Check out those black eyes and pale skin. Is that what a vampire looks like?

So you never know who's going to be a vampire!

Enough Twilight talk!
Now back to work, Vivian! So many quilts to do! Get busy!


Staci Jayne Love said...

I had a feeling he was going to play a vampire in a soon to be huge book made to movie called Twilight! JK. Who would have thought?! I just thought he was I guess that's why he plays a vampire.

Shannon said...

Yeah, and I guess he's sporting some type of mowawk now or soon will be for Airbender.

Frederique said...

Just love your quilt, even if it's not a new one

Hi from Tahiti