Friday, September 4, 2009

Facebook Fan Page Giveaway! Hurry!

Facebook Fan Page fleece blanket giveaway today! Become a fan of the Quilts With Love fan page, leave a comment and you could win this pretty fleece blanket. It measures approx 57 x 68. One side is bright pink and the other is black with bright colored flowers and dragonflies. (to enter, you must already have a facebook acct.) Become a fan and leave a comment today!

Giveaway ends tonight 9/4/09 10pm PDT. Click here to get to the Quilts With Love fan page--> Fan Page


Jenni said...

I am a BIG FAN of Quilts With Love....I had to go back and find this post...I won the Fleece Blanket...I use it to keep my feet warm every night! I look at it and think of my GOOD FRIEND Vivian. It is on my bed....always! Maybe that blanket was meant for me as it came at a very sad time in my life. It helped cheer me up. I was the FIRST LUCKY WINNER! Ha! :)

Natalie Jacobsmeyer said...

The last comment was not Jenni....I didn't realize she was the last one to sign in.....just me.