Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Constant Quilter

I never did see the film "The Constant Gardener." What does the guy do? Garden constantly? That's what the name would imply. So then I must be the "Constant Quilter" because that's what I do. Not enough hours in the day.

Some of the quilts I work on make me so happy. Others I can't wait to get them done and out of my house. Must be the colors or the artistic freedom I get from working on them. Who knows? Posted are some favorites.
This is a fleece quilt I made for my mother who loves sunflowers. I went to visit her in Oregon recently and discovered that it has now become her dog's favorite. So I bought some more fleece with dog footprints and will make one for the dog. Then my mom can enjoy her's once again!
Next is a pretty wallhanging that was done kinda like a cathedral window or a varation of it. It was small and unique. The customer won a ribbon in the Orange County Fair with it. Too bad she didn't just leave the quilt here at my house! I love it! I was sad to see this one go.
And the last one was a design called "Friendship Crossing." I loved the colors and enjoyed quilting it very much. I was happy with the motif I put in the plain blocks.
Now I need to grab a quick snack and quilt on!


Beth said...

Wow, Vivian, your quilts rock! I just love the detail! Are you a long armer, or do it by machine? Either way, outstanding!

Kay said...

These are beautiful quilts, really outstanding.

As a former English teacher, know-it-all type, I'll just let you know that "constant" in this context means "faithful". That would fit you as a quilter too, wouldn't it?