Friday, February 2, 2007

Small Mundo! (Small World)

I really enjoyed quilting this lovely appliqued wallhanging for a customer of mine. It was funny, she was a new customer...referred to me by an existing customer. I had never met this lady before, and then she brought her quilt over and we talked and talked. Then I kept running into her all over town. I was getting my hair done and my hairdresser had just sat me down at the hairdryer and looking over to my left, was this customer sitting under a hairdryer too! "Wow, you go to the same salon? Small world!" Then I was grocery shopping and went down this one isle and there she was again. "Wow, you go to the same grocery store? Small world!" Now I don't live in a very small town, like Mayberry or someplace like that! There are lots of people here. I live in nice area of Orange County not too far from the beach and Disneyland. I'll bet this lady has been all around me all these years, and I never even noticed her. Super nice and very talented as you can see! As my 20-something year-old would say, "Small Mundo, Mom!" That's about all the Spanish they learned in High School. It means Small World.

Today I'm watching the movie "Groundhog Day." Of course, it's practically required on Feb. 2nd! Oh, well at least it's a movie I can have playing in the background as I longarm quilt. Doesn't require a lot of focus. :)

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