Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Party's Over

The party's over...thank God!

My daughters (both in their 20's) had a huge party at our house last night. They said they invited just a few friends. Well I guess their friends told their friends...and so on and so on. (you remember how it goes!) So there was a time last night when my son (the almost-17-year-old) took a head count. There were 125 people in my home!

I was upstairs trying to watch TV. The music was so loud. So I popped in the ol' iPod. Thank God for that, I would've never gotten any sleep. I'm really surprised the neighbors didn't call the police. Last year we got new insulated windows. I guess that's what saved us. Maybe I should have called the cops myself! After all, isn't there a law against disturbing someone's beauty sleep???

As for quilting...I didn't get any done. But to straighten things up for the party, I got on a cleaning streak. So rare. So I cleaned out my entire quilt studio. Vacuumed, reorganized, etc. I told myself I'll just work on it a little. Maybe a half hour or so. Then the half hour turned into the entire day. So much dust. Cough, cough.

To keep me company, I popped in a couple of DVDs...those kind you can work and have them playing in the background. "Sixteen Candles" and "Love Actually." (Favorite scene of Sixteen Candles: the end of course. I replayed that 3 times. Samantha Baker is standing in front of the church and looks out and sees dreamy Jake Ryan standing there in front of his Porsche! And later they kiss on the dining room table over the 16 candles! Stuff like that happens all the time, right? I wish!!!) (Favorite scene of Love Actually: Hugh Grant dancing around to "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters. Classic!)

Well, anyway, I feel all clean and organized and ready to get quilting again. Just no more parties for awhile. Please!

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Samantha said...

Ah, 16 candles! One of my all time favorites! Hope the party clean up isn't too awful!