Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Purse Dog

Yes, this is my purse dog. She's 3 years old and a teacup poodle. This is her family: My oldest daughter is the mother, my second daughter is the step-mother, my son is the uncle, my husband is the grandpa and I am the grandma. It's crazy, but she is our pride and joy! She sits in a nice comfy chair and naps all day while I quilt. I think the sound of the longarm machine lulls her to sleep. Her name is "The Poopie". I know it's silly, but we first named her "Honey". One day I had her with me in the car as I drove through the drive-thru at the taco place down the street. When the girl at the drive-thru window saw the dog, she said "Oh I love your poopie!" At least that what is sounded like to me. She was actually saying "Puppy", but it came out "Poopie." It's the perfect name for her! Is "Poopie" puppy in Spanish? If not, it should be! Back to work!


dee said...

Hi Vivian, That picture is adorable. Welcome and I really like what I've seen of your work. It's lovely.

Heidi said...

Poopie is adorable! I wish I could put my Golden Retriever puppy-bear Darwin in a bag sometimes! Here in Holland, the word"poepie" (pronounced like the English "poopie" is also used as an affectionate name for an animal or baby, and it literally means the poopie one does in the toilet! Why the Dutch decided to use that as a nickname, I still haven't figured out, but I don't mind calling my child and pets my poopies!