Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My little darlings.

This is my favorite picture of my babies. It was taken about 12 years ago. I took it while we were riding the ferry over to Balboa Island, returning from Newport Beach. We would go to the beach just about everyday when they were this little. These three darlings would swim and swim all day long in the surf. Of course from our house it would have been faster to get to Balboa another, more direct route, but to cut over to Jamboree Rd. and ride the ferry was our daily $2 adventure.

Now they're so grown up. My oldest, Julie, just called from Utah where she is living now. Her wedding gown just arrived and she is sooooooo excited. She said she wanted to cry. She said she wishes I were there with her to cry with her.

About Utah...her 'Prince Charming' is a boy from there. After they're married here in California, they're going to be living in a log home in a tiny little Utah town. I told her to remember to wear her pioneer bonnet. I asked if this was one of those little farm towns where the woman who helps birth the calves is the same woman that helps birth the babies??? I thought I was so funny. She didn't. Anyway, she's left the sand and surf for the mountains and snow. Ah, what adventures await her!
(Pictured right: No, it's not my daughter! Just some picture I found in a Google search. What is in that wheelbarrow? I don't want to know!)


Anonymous said...

What is in the wheel barrow--looks like buffalo chips to me!

charlottalove said...

Congrats to your daughter. By the way, I was out in Utah for 8's not that bad. :o) I miss the mountains the most...which is probably what is in that wheelbarrow!

Mama Mia said...

Ah... Julie can still be a water girl. Just suggest to her to snow mobile to Cascade Springs in American Fork Canyon during the winter, or hike to the falls in Ogden Canyon when it is cold but not snowing (the icicles are beautiful) or go camping and watch the sunset over Lake Powell. The water in Utah is just a different type of spectacular!
mama mia to charlottalove