Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh, to be young again!

Here I am with Stacy. Daughter #2. What a funny picture!
So appropriate for Mother's Day (although a few days late.)
It's hard to believe we were so young. She must be about a year and a half...she was bald for a long time! I was in my 20's.
Now Stacy's 19. Did you see "Spiderman 3"??? If you didn't blink, you may have seen here for just a split-second in a scene with Tobey Maguire. I saw her! It was fun.
I am her biggest fan!
Tomorrow I'm going to post pictures of my other 2 babies. One is now 23 and the other is 17! Where does the time go?
Note: In my last post I wrote about the dreaded mammo. Haven't heard any results yet. The nurse spoke to me today and said the doc will speak with me on Fri. I'm hoping it's just fat tissue. Wow! When in my entire life have I wanted to have someone tell me I have fat tissue???!!!


The Carolina Quilter said...

Gosh--you're a beautiful Mom! I think of myself as a mommy blob. When we got married I was 23 and weighed 125. It's now 22 years later (I, too have an almost 17-year-old, a 15 and a 7 who sort of snuck up on us in our old age!) and I won't say how much I now weigh. Your daughter is an actress--how exciting!

charlottalove said...

Vivian - what scene is your daughter in? I went and saw it opening weekend! I'm a sucker for most comic-book type movies.

And you are a gorgeous mom. I'm 28, single, and hope to be as cute as you are when I'm fortunate enough to have my own family. :o)