Saturday, August 4, 2007

Where Have I Been?

Computer was down. No blogging for awhile, but now I'm back.

A frustrating evening I'd like to tell you about...

I wanted to call my brother in Palm Springs. No big deal, right?

--I went to use the house phone, but someone was using it and in the middle of an in-depth conversation. Ok, I'll just use my cell phone.

--My cell phone was dead and I had left my phone charger in Utah at my aunt's house. Ok, I'll just use my son's cell phone.

--Now, what was my brother's phone number? Oh, that was on the computer in the Palm Desktop file. (my Palm was dead and I hadn't gotten around to charging it.)

--The computer was dead and my husband had taken the whole thing to the computer repair guy.
Next time I'll just write my brother a letter!


Diane said...

That is something that would happen to me! Glad to see a blog from you. Hope you're feeling better. Love ya!

charlotta-love said...

lol. A friend of mine remarked the other day that if he were stranded in a city full of cell phones (but none of them his), he would still be stranded since he doesn't know numbers anymore. Technology is making us helpless!