Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've Had Jet-Lag For 26 Years!

Whenever I feel tired and need to take a nap, I blame it on Jet-Lag. I arrived in Seville, Spain in Sept. 1981...26 years ago. There, I served a mission for my church. When I got there it took a while to acclimate my body to Spanish time. Whenever the jet-lag would hit me, I would tell my companion that I needed a nap. I'd say, "Sorry, Hermana, I need a nap...you know I suffer from jet-lag!" Well, I used that excuse the entire year and a half I lived in Spain.
And you see, I have used that excuse for most of my life. I get to a certain time of day, usually after lunch, and I just drag. A cat-nap usually does the trick. I tell my family, "Sorry, people, I need a nap... you know I suffer from jet-lag!"
Well, next year, I'll get to suffer from jet-lag once again...this time for real! I'm going back to the country I love! Yes, that's right! I'm going to Spain next June. The Purse Dog is helping me save my pennies. (As you can see, I have a looooooong way to go.) Daughter #2 gave me this cute piggy bank that says SPAIN on it for my birthday. :-)

I love Spain because...

1. The food is awesome.

2. It is beautiful.

3. The people are wonderful.

4. The lifestyle is just right for me.

5. They have Mediodia! We should all have a 'mediodia'...some people call it a siesta.

6. They have Antonio Banderas and Enrique Iglesias.

7. They have the best bread!

8. They have the Feria and Semana Santa.

9. I was so happy there.

10. My friend Ana lives there.

In June 2008, I am going back to see my friend Ana, who still lives in Malaga. We are going to travel all over Spain for 2 weeks. My dream is to sleep in a castle and it looks like it's going to happen. (I hope it is haunted. Wouldn't that be an adventure!)

(Left: The castle in Jaen. I lived in Jaen for 5 months and this castle was above the city...I hiked up there once.)

(Left: Here is an antique Spanish quilt I saw on the tour of a villa...draped along the railing. Isn't it beautiful?)

And just so you know...when my plane lands in Spain, I will kiss the ground, the way the Pope does!


Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- that quilt is fabulous. Lucky you -- what a fun trip you'll have to look forward to!

maryscottagequilts said...

Hey, this is so cool!! I served a mission in Madrid in 1988!!
I too have felt the "jet lag" effect all these years... and I never knew why - now I know!
tortillas - ya gotta love em'