Sunday, October 28, 2007

It Hurt My Eyes!

Today my eyes hurt because of post-Halloween-party-lack-of-sleep. Is that really a condition? I think so! Daughter #2 had a Halloween party last night. When these events take place here at our house we try and sleep, but it doesn't always happen. So thank goodness for Visine. Remember it 'gets the red out.'

Here was another time my eyes hurt. Years ago Daughter #2, my DH, and I worked on a movie as a favor for our friend, director Rodney Henson. It was called Suits on the Loose. (yes, I'm even in a movie, but if you blink, you'd miss seeing me!) One of the actors in the film, portraying a juvenile delinquent, posing as a Mormon missionary, was a young man named Brandon Beemer. He was so handsome that he hurt my eyes! I'm not kidding, whenever we talked to him I had to practically look away. I'd never seen anyone so handsome. He now portrays Shawn-D Brady on Days of our Lives. Here is Daughter #2 with Brandon after a day of filming. Oooh, he hurts my eyes!

And here they are on their "wedding day"...thanks to her creative "cropping" and "cut-and-paste" talents with PhotoShop! VBG!

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Cindy said...

So your daughter is married to Shawn on Days of Our Lives? What a lucky MIL you are