Monday, December 24, 2007

The Purse Dog get a Cousin!

The Purse Dog now has a Cousin! Yes, that's right! Daughter #1 and her DH got their very own Purse Dog...a red teacup poople named Ruby. She looks darling and The Purse Dog looks forward to meeting her! Here she is checking out a can of Diet Coke. She's not much bigger, is she? She lives in the 'country'...a small town in Utah, where she is enjoying her first white Christmas.
The Country Cousin

The City Cousin
The City Cousin, our Purse Dog, lives in a city in Southern California and is enjoying her 4th sunny Christmas, laying out in the backyard getting her tan. She's pictured here with the Coca-Cola bottles, Daughter #2 painted for the wedding centerpieces.

And check out the happy ending with the 12 Bears for Christmas project of Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Dry Goods fabric. I got to work on the "U" bear, "Uma". I was honored to participate. What a happy ending for those darling bears.


dee said...

Merry Christmas Vivian. I think the bears are wonderful and Purse Dog and cousin are just too sweet for words. I hope you and your family have a peaceful & happy celebration.

Levi & Kara said...

yeah for Julie on getting a poopy! I knew she would end up getting one sooner or later. Now I really need to go visit that girl!!! We should have some sort of poodle club! Or do I not get to be in it because mine are only half....thats discrimination!