Thursday, February 28, 2008

A "Crafty" Day

Yeah, yeah, I know! I have a huge quilt to do on my longarm, but today my BabyBoy (the 17-almost 18-year old) and I decided to do some crafts. I know in about a year, the BabyBoy will be on his 2-year mission and I will treasure these times we have together. (Side note: He may look back on these times and think, 'My Mom was always a little crazy!"...but I kinda hope he treasures these times too!)
Anyway we went over to Michaels today and bought candlemaking supplies. We decided to make sand candles. I had seen them done on an old Brini Maxwell episode and was going by memory. My son's turned out so much better. He's got so much artistic talent! Check out my sad little sand candle on the right. His is on the left. He always tries to take things 'up a notch.'

Below is one of my favorite pictures of my BabyBoy. It was taken at Joe's Crab Shack. I think it depicts what goes on his creative mind....always creating!

Also today I got out my Swarovski crystals and some Jewel-it and decided to add some 'bling' to my old cell phone. I don't think it improved it much, but it put a smile on my face anyway.

And lastly, I put the final touches on my purse for the Amy Butler Sew Inspired Contest. It's from her pattern, The Swing Bag. For the exterior I used, 'Lotus Tree Peony Ivory' and for the interior 'Belle Coriander Pink.' I am hoping to win and I have a spot all ready for the new sewing machine here in my quilt studio. :) (it doesn't hurt to think positively, does it?) Here's a closeup of my freemotion stitching. I love this fabric!

Hey, The Purse Dog got a new Purse! She helped model for the pictures I submitted to the Flickr Group.

Wish us luck!


dee said...

Gorgeous bag...and of course, the furry bag accessory is a delight.

Stefani McCune said...

Wow! What talent you have!!! I LOVE the purse. How much & when may I place my order? Can I pay you in chocolate??!! And, does it come with the pup?

Staci Jayne Love said...

I love the purse dog!

*Angie said...

I hope you win too! Love the purse, and that is the cutest "purse dog" ever!