Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Can I Feel So Awful?

How can I feel so awful on a beautiful day like today? Maybe I just need a B12 shot from Madonna. (if you don't know what I'm talking about, read about it here: Eonline.com )

Yes, it's winter here in Yorba Linda. It's 81-degrees today and I'm sick in bed with the flu! I've been feeling it coming on for a few days now and today it hit full force. Can you believe I have to stay in bed when it looks like this: (I took these pictures last week with my BabyBoy when we went for a walk at the park near our home.)
I should be working on my tan like this guy.
My BabyBoy is checking out the turtle...giving him the 'evil eye!'
The geese were upset that we were in their territory. Hey, this park is big enough for all of us! Can't we all just get along?
On the mountains in the distance you can still see a little bit of snow. Ski season is just about over for us. Most of our snow is man-made anyway. Shhh! It's our little secret!
And here's another little secret! The blue in the water at this park is man-made too! Seriously, they had just added the color the morning we were there.
They don't call it "The Land of Gracious Living" for nothing!
I wonder if someone painted blue on these two ducks, just to make everything look perfect! You never know in The O.C!
Here's a goose that is used to the paparazzi. She knew there was a camera nearby...
just like Britney Spears!
And these two had to stay out of the sun and protect their white skin...
kinda like Nicole Kidman!
And typical of Orange County, we saw all kinds of funky hair. Here's a punker with a green stripe...kinda like Debbie Harry circa 1970's.
And here was a funky style. The duck on the right loved the 'teased' look! Reminds me of Amy Winehouse (but I'm sorry, the duck was much more attractive!)
And here was a Mama and her BabyBoy, just like me and my BabyBoy!

And then there's always one that stands out in a crowd! I don't know what this was. It wasn't a duck or a goose or even a seagull! But you could tell she was trendsetter! One of a kind...perhaps a Marilyn Monroe!

Ok, doing this blog entry took a lot out of me. I'm going back to bed! Buenas noches!


Stefani McCune said...

Vivian, feel better soon! You crack me up! Even feeling yucky, you can make me laugh! get well soon

Staci Jayne Love said...

I like how there are pictures from the park, but the blog is more about celebrities! You're too funny! If Madonna comes around downtown, I'll ask her for some B12.

Becky said...

Hope you feel better soon. The pictures are great and the captions are a hoot. Definitely would stink to be in bed feeling yucky rather than enjoying the nice weather.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Vivian, I hope you're feeling better today! Your park pictures are beautiful -- I'm having trouble believing that you can even claim to have a winter LOL. I love the different ducks/geese -- especially the funny doo on that paparrazi (sp?) bird. Your turtle reminds me of a day once when my youngest was about 12. We were walking in a park much like the one you've pictured and a turtle came up out of the water. We watched as she crossed our path, picked out a spot and proceeded to dig a hole, lay her eggs and cover them up. It took about 30 minutes but it was one of the coolest nature things I've ever seen! Thanks for the breath of spring!

Diane said...

Great post! Is that Tri City Park? If it is, I think I recognize that goose. He would chase me when I walked there in the mornings with Peggy and Dahlene. He's a maniac! Maybe the snow there in California would be described much like they describe the mountain snow here. The weatherman once said that skiing on the snow in the Tennessee mountains is much like skiing on a sno cone. Hope you feel better soon. You know you're a true blogger, when you post even if you're sick!

dee said...

Hi Vivian. I hope you're up and around real soon. The weather is too nice to be indoors. I think your unusual bird is an Egret.