Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Los Angeles: part one

Last week I took a tour of downtown Los Angeles with my BabyBoy and Daughter #2. We had lots of fun. This is "Part One" about that tour, conducted by Daughter #2, who works there now. Even though my ancestors came to Los Angeles in the 1900's, I thought I knew Los Angeles pretty well. But, to be honest with you, I'd never taken a tour downtown.

You never know who you'll see in Los Angeles! Is that Sylar and Peter Petrelli? No, look again! It's my BabyBoy and Daughter #2 recreating the season finale of Heroes.

(oops! Sorry, you might have thought this scene was in NYC! ...shhhh! television magic!)


Staci Jayne Love said...

Yes! I'm the good guy...and I win! I want to see more from Downtown!

OneCowgirl said...

Thank you for your compliment on my blog! I appreciate it. Love your birthday tribute to your husband & your daughter's LA observations - all sooo true!!