Monday, March 3, 2008

Why We'll Never Understand Each Other

Here's a couple of funny ones....

What he heard: Honey, why don't you put your head in a vice and I'll turn the handle until your skull explodes.
What she said: Honey, why don't we turn off the TV and just talk.

What she heard: You don't expect me to take care of the kids, clean the house and make dinner, do you?
What he said: Feeling any better, honey?

What he heard: You're way too stupid to be trusted driving alone in bad weather!
What she said: Drive carefully, dear.

Sometimes we hear what we want to hear, don't you agree? And sometimes we do what we want to do....
Now, what have I been up to this evening?
Yes, yes, I know...I'm still working on a huge quilt. I should have it finished tomorrow. I promise. Tonight I've been distracted by "Under The Tuscan Sun." One of my favorite movies. (A secret for you: I would love to run away to Europe...believe me, I've been tempted!) And WEtv put it on two times in a row! So I had to watch it both times of course. I love Diane Lane. She's 43??? My goodness, she looks awesome. Of course I had to pause the movie for just a half hour to watch my favorite, The Colbert Report and have a nice laugh. Well, back to work! of the huge quilt...hint: it's a Thimbleberries.


Thimbleanna said...

I love those what he heard/what she heard funnies -- they're always so...well, funny! When you run away to Europe, don't forget me! (Although, I suspect you'll be heading more southerly than me LOL!)

Stefani McCune said...

Those are so funny. One time I was talking to my wonderful hubby...I must have been talking for about 2 minutes sharing a very important story. Then I asked him a question and he didn't answer. I said, "Mark, are you listening to me?" You know, he never heard a word I said!!! Silly guys...

Staci Jayne Love said...

You should be spending your time watching Across the Universe!

Diane said...

I guess those cartoons are so funny because we can all relate to them!

I'm going to have to rent that movie and watch it. I've never seen it (if you can believe that). Anyway...I could use a good movie to watch.

By the way...those pictures you e-mailed us are so cute of Gwyn and her mom. They really captured their personalities! Thanks!