Thursday, March 6, 2008

"When all else's time to go to the beach!"

...that was something my dear sister Vanette would say. When we were young, we spent our summers in Balboa, Newport and Huntington. It's only 20 miles from our house in Yorba Linda. My parents rented beach houses there.

When my children were little we spent the summers there too. The other night I went down to Balboa with Daughter #2, her Sweetheart and my BabyBoy. We had a nice time. It was a little cold and there was hardly anyone there. Only a few fisherman were on the pier and we only saw one bonfire going. I have so many good memories of the beach.
Here are my three kids on the Balboa ferry about 1995.

Here's Daughter #2 and my BabyBoy on the ferry boat last week. They've grown up a bit, wouldn't you agree? (Side note: Go visit Daughter #2's blog this week. She's having a give-away! Go here:

Here's the Balboa Pavillion as seen from the Balboa Ferry. It's where I had one of my high school proms. So beautiful.

Daughter #2 and her Sweetheart enjoying the evening in Balboa.

Here was the view from the pier, looking at Balboa. It was so quiet and beautiful.

Yes, it's wintertime at the beach. Here we're the only ones walking on the pier.

Here's Daughter #2 looking out in the water...making sure Jaws is not there! (Read about her fear of sharks here:

This picture captured the mist.

This picture captured some weird 'drug trip.' No way! I was just goofing around with different settings on my Canon Elph.

Here's where we had dinner. There are Ruby's restaurants on both the Balboa and Huntington piers. This is the one at the Balboa pier. Just email me if you want to know other good places to eat at the beach. I know tons!

Join us next time! Winter or Summer!


Summerset said...

Again, you're bringing back so many memories of SoCal. My husband went on a business trip in Feb. and he had an extra 10 hours before his flight left and asked me where he should go. I said to the beach, of course! He drove down PCH through many of the beach areas and chatted to me on the cell phone about how everything looked, if it was the same, etc.

minou said...

Thanks for sharing your memories! I remember going to Balboa with my family for a frozen banana and walking time. We lived in MB and Rossmoor and would also go to the MB pier and the Redondo pier.

Diane said...

Ah I miss those cold winter nights at the BEACH! What did you have to wear to keep warm, a sweat shirt?! I loved walking around Balboa Island and looking at all those cute little (expensive) houses. There's no place quite like it! I'll bet the coldest part of the evening was walking down the pier to Ruby's diner.

The Carolina Quilter said...

We have wonderful memories of summers at the South Carolina beaches and Florida as well. Our children also grew up going to the beach in the summer. I would love to cross the wide expanse one day to see your California beaches before I die!

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for a lovely trip to the beach Vivian! Just what those of us who are still covered in snow need!