Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Opie or Richie?

One generation sees Opie...another sees Richie Cunningham. Who do you see?

Seeing this picture of a friend of mine with Ron Howard reminded me of the time I saw Warren Beatty and Madonna together many years ago. One generation saw Madonna, another saw Warren Beatty. I saw both. Read about it here: My Warren Beatty Tale.

I sent this picture to another friend of mine and I wrote the caption, "Don't you think Opie has aged?" She told me she told her daughter (in her 30's and mother of 3) about this picture. She told her that I had sent her a picture of "Opie." She didn't know who her mom was talking about. But she did know about Richie Cunningham!!!
Personal note to Ron Howard from Vivian Love: "Bring back Arrested Development!"

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Stefani McCune said...

I see Richie. I'm sure you can say the same for Henry Winkler. He came into Pier One when I was working there. I saw Fonzie. I'm sure others saw him as someone else. Funny how that can really show your age, huh?