Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Times...They Are A Changin'

While visiting Utah last week, I saw many changes since the days I lived there...both in Salt Lake City and Provo. I attended Brigham Young University back in the days of Brigham Young himself. Just kidding! Anyway, these were the dorms I lived in pictured below. When I lived there I thought they were quite new and modern. Well, they've been torn down! I was shocked and saddened. My dorms got old! How did that happen?
Here's a picture below of U-Hall as I passed it last week. It's so sad. That's the hall I lived in.

When I attended BYU and went to the football games (of which I had no clue!) this was what the stadium looked like below. I thought it was beautiful and modern.
Well, they changed that too! Below is a picture of my BabyBoy standing next to a mural in the BYU Football office. This mural depicts a football game in the new stadium. The stadium is huge! They call it the Lavell Edwards Stadium.
Here's something that hasn't changed! Thank goodness they are still the BYU Cougars! Here's my BabyBoy goofing around with one of their cougars.

As I walked across campus, I saw so many buildings I had never seen before. Back in my day, this building wasn't even there. I remember visiting a fellow student in the building that was there before. He was studying Computer Technology, which was new and modern. His classroom looked much like this picture below. I thought it was awesome. I had never seen anything like it before! Data punch cards! We thought it was the wave of the future...now they are obsolete!
I was happy to see this old smoke stack hasn't been torn down yet. I used to walk by it everyday.
This science and chemistry building was still there. I can honestly tell you that I never once set foot in that building! I avoided science and chemistry!
And while I was at BYU, this building was just being constructed. Now it looks quite old. It's the Kimball tower.

In Salt Lake City, while I waited for my DH who was attending a meeting, I strolled around Temple Square. I thought, since I have some time to kill, I'll just go shopping. When we lived there, 25 years ago, there were two shopping malls downtown. Now they are both completely gone! And the first year we were married I worked in the audit department of a bank. I worked on the 19th floor of this tower in the center of this picture. What? There's no tower in the center of the picture? Where did it go? It's completely gone! Here's a picture of the tower being demolished. (I hope my old boss got out of there in time!)

I must admit...the following change didn't bother me so much. You see before moving to Los Angeles, some of my ancestors lived in this house in Salt Lake City. It's called the McCune mansion. Well, it has now been beautifully restored and is called the McCune-McCarthey Mansion. It is just beautiful! The home is 100 years old and has 21 rooms. It is reported to be haunted. I think all McCunes go to this house when they die. It's their heaven!

And lastly...here is a old pioneer log home on the grounds near Temple Square. It was lovingly restored and is on display near the Family History Library.

This is what it looked liked in the old days. These women look like quilters if you ask me! Weren't all women of that day quilters, though?

Notice the pretty quilts on display inside the log home?

Wait a minute! Check out the picture below. Is that a pioneer ghost in the mirror? No, it's just me! I guess I'm sort of a pioneer too! After all, I attended BYU with Brigham Young, right?!!!


Stefani McCune said...

Vivian, I really think the McCune Mansion is haunted. We had our wedding reception there & when we were meeting with the people there to make the arrangements, I felt "others" there too. I remember sensing them when I was in the 'bridal' room. It sure is a beautiful home though. It's no wonder why all the McCunes go there when they die. There have been lots of changes made at BYU. It's weird though, we don't change as time goes on, do we?

Summerset said...

That brings back memories. When I went to college, my dorm was one of the older ones and the interior decor was very dated - each floor of the 9 stories was different shade of orange - ours was Kraft Mac and Cheese orange. All the bathrooms had crayola bright orange countertops. Couple that with dark brown carpet and dark brown blinds and you'd think you'd stepped back into the 70's. What horrid color for trying to do your makeup! I do remember punch cards - my first semester they were still using them. After that we graduated to cards with barcodes, and finally by my senior year we were scanning our ID cards for everything. Isn't technology great?

LaVonne said...

Vivian, I love you! Your blog always make me laugh and feel better after a bad day at work. Keep up the blogging!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Are those towers what used to be DT? And they're gone??? I'm sure I must have been in some of those buildings (I took both chem and comp sci while there) but I really have no memory of any of those buildings. So sad. I was too lovesick writing letters to future hubby to live -- what a dope! Thanks for all the great pictures!