Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things Aren't Always As They Appear

Can you believe this little boy is 18 today? Thanks to Pres. Nixon signing the 26th Ammendment in 1971, my BabyBoy will be able to vote now. Below is a future registered voter on his 1st birthday. Remember things aren't always as they appear...he's using the bow on his head as a "thinking cap" and he's thinking, "Thank you, Tricky Dick!"
"Look Mom I found a strange ocean creature!" Remember, things aren't always as they's just a sand crab. Three beautiful children. Daughter #1 is the tallest, Daughter #2 is next and then the BabyBoy is shortest. Well, today things aren't always as they appeared in this photo.

Today the BabyBoy is the tallest, Daughter #2 is still next and Daughter #1 is now the shortest. How'd that happen? Who is this scary guy below? The little lion on the left looks worried. Well, things aren't always as they appear and the scary guy on the right is just the BabyBoy. He's not scary at all! He's sweet and kind and very talented.

Wait a minute! What's this? Is the BabyBoy a 'tagger'??? He better not be! Remember things aren't always as they appear!
The BabyBoy has many talents, one of which is making stencils. He visited the Laguna College of Art & Design and they let him put some of his stencils on their 'graffiti wall.' Don't worry, it was all legal. Here's some stuff he did: Here's another one:
Here's some more below. He started making these with my leftover quilting template plastic. He painstakenly hand cuts each one. Here he is, in what he calls his "Birthday Suit." (He got that suit for his birthday last year.)
Here's another one of my favorites. This one took many hours.
Here is another one of the BabyBoy.

This is where it started. It was a photo he took of himself. And then he cuts the stencil from that. Amazing.
Is the BabyBoy a rastafarian? Remember things aren't always as they appear.
No, he's just an amazing, talented young man who loves life. (and his Mom!)
Here's some teacher dressed in a cap and gown goofing around for the camera. Wait a minute! Things aren't always as they appear. It's the BabyBoy on the day he gradated last Feb...on Valentine's Day! (once someone substituting at his school thought he was a teacher!)

Is the BabyBoy carrying a hand gun? Is there a perpetrator hiding in the bushes? Remember things aren't always as they appear.
He better call in his back up...his friend Jordan. His partner in crime?
What's really going on? These silly boys were bored and they got out their airsoft guns and were trying to get a big lizard in the bushes in front of our house. Don't worry, no animals were harmed in the taking of these pictures! The lizard got away! (Hope he's not hiding inside my house!)
And now the final picture...Is the BabyBoy quilting like his mother? Remember things aren't always as they appear. He wanted to make a backpack for his rock-climbing gear. He is amazing. He can do just about anything he puts his mind to. He's an amazing young man! I love him very much. After all, he is my favorite son! Happy Birthday BabyBoy!


LaVonne said...

Vivian, You are so funny. Can I pay you to put cute, whitty sayings to my photos on my blog?

Summerset said...

Happy Birthday to him! The stencils are quite amazing - they take an artist eye to envision what to cut away and what to leave!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Sounds like you did a pretty good job with this guy! I loved the picture of the three siblings (with your son as the obvious "baby") and then the following picture with a towering "big" brother in the next. What a wonderful birthday tribute to BOTH of you!