Thursday, May 8, 2008

Preparing For The Unexpected...

...or how to flood your backyard in 2 seconds flat!

Living here in earthquake country we try to be prepared for the unexpected (ie. earthquakes.) Ok, I must admit I haven't been very good at earthquake preparedness. I did buy some 72-hour kits about a year ago, and I did go camping last year, so I think I have some new flashlights somewhere. Anyway, my church is really encouraging us to be prepared for disasters. For some really good info, go here: Family Home Storage. So we bought the water barrels you see in the pictures with the BabyBoy. They needed to be cleaned out and refilled. So we put the BabyBoy in charge of that. Of course, he can have some fun with it too!
A question I have is: Do we have to do this everytime we want a drink of water during a disaster? I think we need a Plan B and a pump, right? I better look into that.
Another question is: Can I include mascara and lipstick in my disaster kit? Without those 2 items I look like a disaster!
Side Note: Daugther #2 had an "adventure" yesterday where she learned that she must have a Plan B to get home from downtown LA if the trains aren't running. Read about it here: Train Accident.

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charlotta-love said...

Ah, we have two of those in the garage as well. I can't wait for the day that I get to drink water that tastes like chlorinated dirt. Mmmm...