Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Idea of Heaven

Since it was my birthday yesterday I reflected on what I believe about after death, to be more specific. I know what happens to my body. I'll be buried in the ground and my headstone will say,
"See I told you I was sick."
And hopefully if I do enough good deeds, I believe my spirit will go to heaven. That's it in a nutshell.

Well, many years ago I told a friend that in heaven we won't have our physical bodies, so we can go round the clock, right? No sleeping. No eating. I told her I'm planning on quilting and doing all the things I love 24/7. That would be my idea of heaven.

My friend said, "No way! Not me. I'm hoping we can take naps and eat ice cream all day." So my heaven would be her hell. And her heaven would my hell.

Seriously though...I do wish I could quilt round the clock. I love it so much. Today I worked on this:

And here's what I the background as I quilted...I know they'll have Steve Martin movies my heaven! (BTW: Did you ever notice the beautiful quilts in Roxanne's house? Rent the DVD and take a look! They are lovely.) And for your viewing enjoyment, here's one of my favorite parts:


dee said...

I adore that movie-bought a copy. My favorite scene is when the firemen practice their drill-hilarious. My idea of heaven matches yours except there is unlimited good food involved. Something like an all-you-can-eat Italian/japanese/chinese-steakhouse and dessert bar-no calories no matter how much you eat. I've spent my life on a diet...Bah!

Staci Jayne Love said...