Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cute Story, Cute Quilts, Cute Movie

"Jesus went to Georgia!" That's what a little boy in our Primary organization at church said. We were learning a song called "Jesus entered Jordan's waters..." and he told his mom at home he wanted to sing "Jesus went to Georgia." She looked at him with a surprised look. Then she said, "Why don't you sing it me." So he sang "Jesus went to Georgia's water." Maybe Jesus did go to Georgia...they just didn't write about it in the scriptures!

I've been quilting like a mad-woman these past few weeks. I am leaving early Sat. morning for 6 days in Utah with a youth group. We're going to the University of Utah and staying at the Olympic village. Don't get me wrong. I am looking forward to it, but I have so many quilts waiting for me to get done here at home! My quilting customers have been busy piecing away. I'm even working on Halloween quilts for them. Talk about planning ahead!

Well, I had to take a break to share some pictures with you of some cute quilts I've been working on.
I love this one because of the simple piecing design.
So much fun to quilt!
And check out the backing! Isn't it lovely?
Here's another one done in a simple piecing design.
I did a fun feather in the border.
I do this all freehand and it's my favorite to do! I could do it for hours and hours! No kidding.

And my thread of choice on this one? Well, being that it's a pink & brown quilt I chose a lovely variegated thread from Superior Threads, Lava, "Choco Cherry." It was perfect for this quilt. My longarm loves Lava Thread!

And if anyone knows how I quilt, I like to have a movie in the DVD player as I work. Now, it must be a movie that doesn't require a lot of concentration. It needs to be a movie that I can quilt, look up now and then, and then get back to quilting. So today I had "Just Friends" in the DVD player. I've seen that movie a million times and I recommend it to you for one reason, at that would be just to watch the actress, Anna Faris. She is hillarious as the character Samantha James. Go rent it sometime and have a good laugh! (oh, and also Ryan Reynolds is pretty easy on the eyes!)

Now I must get back to work. Hopefully I'll post some more pics before I take off!


Tina said...

The Primary kids say the darndest things! I just love all your quilting, you do such a beautiful job, and the quilts you get to work on are amazing too! How long is your waiting list?

Sarah said...

Beautiful work, as always!

Shannon said...

Yummy! I love pink and brown together.

Wayne said...


We can attest to the fact that Jesus is in Georgia-you and Will need to visit us here and find out for yourselves!


Deb said...

Gorgeous quilting yet again Vivian!

I love that lava thread too!

~Angie said...

Beautiful quilting! as always Vivian. I just recently purchased some LAVA thread. I love it! Now, what shall I do with all my other thread? That't the problem with new things! Have fun on your trip! Hope the weather is perfect.