Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Perfect Pattern For Large Prints

I just got done quilting some pretty BQ Quilts. I wish I had known about this quilt pattern last year when I was working on Daughter #1's wedding quilt! Read about it way back here: The Beauty of the Earth and Sky. You see I was looking for a quilt pattern where I wouldn't have to cut up a large print.

Well, BQ Quilt patterns are the ticket! Take a look. Here's one for a local quilt shop (The Calico House) getting ready for the Southern California Quilt Run. (July 10-13 & July 17-20.) I love this fabric! Of course, anyone who knows me know why... I love California!
And check this out below. I was just there last week! My Los Angeles. I think I see Daughter #2 in that fabric. At least you recognize the U.S. Bank tower...the tallest building in the picture!
Here's what it looked like the other day. I took this picture as I left Daughter #2's building! How crazy is that? Next think I know I'm quilting it in a quilt!!!
Here are some more views of the BQ Quilt....Hooray for Hollywood!
Don't you see why it was the best quilt pattern for this print? Hardly any of the print was lost.
And check out the backing fabric. Love it!
And here's another one for your viewing enjoyment. It's made with the new Flower Power II fabric from Benartex. Aren't these large sunflowers lovely? It would have been a shame to cut them up.
I'll say it again! This is the perfect quilt pattern for large prints! (PS. All these fabrics and patterns are available at The Calico House--and they take phone orders, too!)
Check out the backing fabric here...from the same collection.
Ok, last one, I promise! This is one I did last year for The Calico House. They sold it in kits at the shop and at some local quilt shows. The kits went flying off the shelves! Check it out...
The BQ Quilt's a good thing! (Sorry to steal from Martha again, but I couldn't help it.)
Have a good weekend! Stay cool...I'm trying to, here in sunny southern California.


Summerset said...

What a cool pattern! I love those super large flowers in the last two photos.

Shannon said...

I agree! I'll have to put this pattern on my list.