Monday, July 7, 2008

Back In The Saddle Again

"I'm back in the saddle again." --Aerosmith, circa 1976,
(not Gene Autry, circa 1939!)
Well, I'm back from Utah and I'm exhausted! I'll tell you about my trip over the next few days. Oh, the stories to tell! It was great! Surprisingly great! But first I must share what I finished today....
This is a quilt that is beautifully hand applique'd.
I chose to quilt a freehand design that is one of my favorites...swirls, feathers, echos. So much fun. Then I embellished the applique here and there.
There were some light blue sashings throughout that framed the quilt beautifully. I stitched that a quarter inch in on either side...perhaps like a handquilter might have done.
Don't you love this cute little cat? While in Utah with our youth group, we had a chance to visit the LDS Humanitarian Center. There the kids were instructed on how to tie quilts to be sent all over the world. We went on a tour of the facility. Currently they are helping earthquake victims in China, flood victims in Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin...just to name a few! (and they don't help just LDS Church members!) Read all about it here: LDS Humanitarian Services. Below you see a sister missionary demonstrating how to tie quilts.
The youth loved it! Many commented on how relaxing it was.
This young man was checking out one of the displays showing different quilts members of the LDS Church have donated to be sent out. (I could tell some were quilted with longarms...yeah!)
And pictured below was an awesome young man who also helped tie quilts. He has some physical disablities that might have limited his help, but no!He helped too. I worked side by side with him tying quilts. We had lots of fun and he was an inspiration to me. He was such an angel! He did a great job.
It has been many years since I tied a quilt. I enjoyed it very much. If you would like to donate to the LDS Humanitarian Services, please click on this link: Ways To Give. (Note: you don't have to belong to the LDS Church to donate.) And if you would like to learn how to donate quilts and other items needed, please click on this link: Donations Help.


Thimbleanna said...

How fun to tie quilts with your "kids". Thanks for the links to this organization. And thanks for the peek of the quilt you just quilted -- it's so cute!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the reminder;-) I just finished 2 quilts for the Humanitarian Services and have 3 to go before October. I made a goal of 5 this year before October. Yahoo!!

Becky said...

Glad you are back safe and sound. It's so much to fun to read about your missionary work. Hats off to you. The quilt is incredible. I wished you lived closer so I could learn to "graffiti" like you.

Shannon said...


Thank you for the link. It bears research.

The most fun I had lately was making a baby quilt for Lutheran Services. My kids helped me pick the fabrics out of my stash. It was a real group effort.