Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is It Already Time For "Two-A-Days"?

"Two-A-Days." You know the term! In football it means it's time to really push yourself. Usually towards the end of the summer, football teams begin double-sessions of practice. (Here is my BabyBoy about 8 years ago meeting Coach Lavell Edwards, former head football coach at BYU. We went to see him just before he retired in 2000. Oooooh I love football!) Anyway, now it's time for ME to really push myself...and it's not even the end of the summer! Recent vacations, illness, etc, have caused me to get a bit behind. I'm trying to really push myself and get two quilts done each day!
Of course I must fit in a few breaks and blog now and then. I even made it to my yoga class yesterday...which I love. For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you know that I have been battling Lyme disease for about a year now. The yoga has really staying on my medication. I must admit it was not easy to stay on my meds during my last trip. I was bad and didn't take them regularly. So when I got home I had a "flare up." Not fun. I learned a hard lesson and am now back on my meds and going to yoga. I feel much better. Not perfect, but better. At least well enough for "two-a-days."
Yesterday I finished these two. A pretty "summery" quilt:
I did one similar last April. I love this pretty fabric!
And look at this simple one. Just a mix of lovely fabrics...
Check out the freehand design I did. Why did I do this? Because it's fast and it's my favorite freehand work...I wish I could think of a name for it.
I really pushed myself on this last trip and here's one reason...a hike to Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City, Utah. We went up there with our youth group. Now, everyone says it's an easy hike, but it wasn't for me. Remember as I mentioned, I had not been on my Lyme meds and so it was quite painful for me. But I kept going! As we began our hike the youth went on ahead of me, of course. Every now and then I would look back and see the view. It was awesome. Below is the first picture I took. I was so tempted to stop there and say that was good enough.
I looked up at where I had to go and could see the youth and my husband cheering me on! You see the monument pictured below? That's where I needed to get to.
My husband took this picture below. That's me in the center in the blue shirt. "Keep going, Vivian!"...I could hear him say.

I finally made it and this was the view! It was breathtaking!

Here we are below: me, my husband, and our BabyBoy. That's Salt Lake City behind us. I'm so glad I made it. Another reason I was glad I made it was because one of my ancestors names was on a plaque on the monument there (below). You see, William Clayton is my great, great grandfather and he was standing on Ensign Peak 161 years before me! (he was probably in better shape than I and used to the altitude!)

Now on our way down from Ensign Peak, check out what my husband saw! If I had seen this at the start, I would have definitely turned around and gone back! Did my ancestor William Clayton see any rattle snakes when he went up? Now back to work Vivian! Two more quilts to get done today!


Tina said...

Way to go getting to the top! Good luck on your "two-a-days" today!

Sarah said...

Your quilting is so beautiful, Vivian...thanks for sharing them with us!

Lynn said...

I started reading your blog recently (when you started Heather Bailey's quilt), so I didn't know that you have Lyme. My boyfriend's sister has lyme, and what a difficult disease to deal with! She didn't get diagnosed until 2 years after she started feeling sick, and it has been very hard for her. I will tell her to try yoga and see if it helps.

Your quilting is so gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

Thimbleanna said...

Darn it! I just lost my comment!!! In a nutshell....ICK SNAKE! Lucky you to hike in Utah -- beautiful pictures are making me homesick. Love happy 1st quilt and as always, beautiful quilting!

Summerset said...

What a great trip - although I hope your getting back to normal. I know people here in New England with Lyme's and it really can be difficult to deal with.

I love your "puffy cloud" quilting. It looks like something you just get into the zone and go with.