Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Really Should Be The Paparazzi!

I do love to take photos of people! I'm not very good, but I really enjoy it. I wish I had some lenses like the guy pictured below! Talk about telephoto! My job for the church youth trip to Utah was to take pictures. I told the kids I was the official "paparazzi." I had so much fun!
Here's some to share...

On Sunday morning we got to be in the audience of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir filming their weekly broadcast of Music and The Spoken Word. Look who was also there watching the filming! This is Senator Orin Hatch of Utah. I didn't get to chat with him like these folks, but I did manage to snap of picture. He looked a lot older than I had imagined...maybe people say that about me too!
Here are some pretty shots I took during the rehearsal. They told us not to take any pictures during the broadcast. They also told us to be very cell phones or pagers...not even a cough!
Since it was the Sunday before the 4th of July, they sang many beautiful patriotic songs.
The orchestra that accompanied them was awesome! This was the first time for many of our group to be in the LDS Conference Center and hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. There were even a few in our group who had never been to Utah before! We were all blown away.
Here is one of the large monitors pictured below we watched the broadcast from as they were taping. If you ever get to visit Salt Lake City, Utah...please go and watch Music and The Spoken Word! I highly recommend it!
Oh, yes, I said I love taking pictures of people. Well, here's a few more...

This is a football player (center below) named Chad Lewis who played for BYU and the Philadelphia Eagles. He spoke to our youth and in his talk he told the young people that these were some of his special uniforms. He let them try them on. My BabyBoy was picked to wear one. He's on the far left. Chad Lewis said his most special uniform was that of being a missionary (check out the young man 2nd from left...he's wearing Chad's missionary tag.) Chad served a 2-year mission for the LDS Church in Taiwan.Here is my BabyBoy, my husband, and Chad Lewis, who is holding his little boy. My husband knew Chad Lewis when he was young. Chad lived next door to my husband's cousins. And check out these great people below. One evening Daughter #1 and her Sweetheart came down to Salt Lake City to attend one of the musical firesides. They are pictured here with my BabyBoy on the University of Utah campus. I'm so glad they came down from Tremonton where they live. We don't get to see them much since they live in Utah...or Zion, as she calls it! Look how cute they are!
Ok, ok, I love to take pictures of quilts too. Here's the latest. Seems like I did this freehand design just yesterday. Actually, on this one I added some flowers!
I was inspired by the lovely fabric! Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of more musical performances I attended while in Utah. They were awesome. And I have an embarrassing story to share. I think I'll call it, "Vivian thinks she's cool, but she's really a dork!"


Staci Jayne Love said...

I think you're pretty good at being a "paparazzo" (i believe that is one of their nick names) you just need captions to match. Like the picture of the older guy it should read, "(So and so...insert name here) has aged!" Or the picture of Julie, Todd, & Tyler should read, "Todd with his sister and her spouse, this puts to rest the rumors of family feuds." Etc. But its more entertaining if you say total lies, like on the pic with Dad & the football guy, "Bump Watch on Will Love? When is he expecting?"

Minou said...

I love your photos....wish my computer was more photo friendly for blogging.

Let me know when you are in Utah in the next while...I'll take you to some create quilt shops!

Thanks for the newspaper website-no obit yet.