Sunday, October 26, 2008

Look Marvin, You're Flying!

Yes, that's right! "Look Marvin, you're flying!" is a line from one of my favorite films, "Marvin's Room." (Go rent the DVD today!) Gwen Verdon's character, Aunt Ruth says it. She's a funny character and by the way, go rent that film and enjoy one of Diane Keaton's greatest performances. ...which brings me to pictures of my BabyBoy flying! We watched him literally fly. Friday night my DH, my BabyBoy, and Daughter #2's Sweetheart and I boarded the Metrolink from Fullerton to LA. (Below, the Fullerton train station...beautiful old California architecture.) Then we took the subway over to one of the skyscrapers at the California Plaza to meet up with Daughter #2. She took us on a tour of the 26th floor, where she now works. Previously, she was on the 8th floor. She's movin' on up!

Then we drove over to Universal CityWalk. If you ever come visit Los Angeles, I recommend this for a fun night out. There, they have lots of fun things to do and great restaurants. One awesome thing to do is FLY!

No kidding! They have this great experience called "iFly." It's a vertical indoor wind tunnel, that's just like skydiving. Here's my BabyBoy getting ready for his flight...
Here is Daughter #2's Sweetheart (who's done this before) with my BabyBoy.
Are they scared? No, but I am glad that it was not real skydiving...
They are just about ready to get into the wind tunnel. My BabyBoy gives me the thumbs up!
First Daughter #2's Sweetheart went in. The instructor helps along and then lets him go! Nathan loves it! From the wind tunnel, the people walking along Universal CityWalk can watch and take pictures.
Here are some others flying in the air...this guy was good. I think he was one of the instructors.
Here's a happy guy! Check out the smile on his face.
And this is the face of sheer joy! Below is a shot of my BabyBoy flying for the first time. He said it was one of the most exhilarating experiences he's ever had. "Look BabyBoy, you're flying!"
Have you ever had a dream where you were flying? It was wonderful, wasn't it? Then you wake up and discover that it was just a dream. According to the Dream Moods Dictionary, "to dream of flying signifies a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited."
Did these people try flying at Universal CityWalk?
Who are these people anyway?
What about these people?
Ok, that's better! Maybe these people flew?
No way!
Can't we have a nice picture taken of us without a huge crowd walking by?!!!
Have great week, blogging friends!

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Shana May Rodriguez said...

Hi Viv!
Jordan told me that your babyboy did this. My boys have done it a couple times (at the same place) they even got it on video. Tonite at FHE the boys were talking about doing the real thing, I am or at least till after Jordans mission. BTW, Jordan was made an Elder last Sunday, one step closer!! Miss you