Friday, October 24, 2008


I've been working on lots of Halloween quilts. Every year I get more and more. I think they just about outnumber the Christmas quilts this year. Here's one I worked on recently...

Here it is with the flash:
And here it is without the flash:
I know. I know. You probably thought something was wrong with my camera! I just didn't know how to take a picture so you can see the quilt glow-in-the-dark. Some of the fabrics used actually glow-in-the-dark. I wish you could really see how it looks in the dark. I don't have 'night vision' on my camera. And I'm such an AMATEUR photographer!
Here's a view of one of the spiderwebs I put in the quilt:
Here are some of the blocks up close. I love this black cat, because he reminds me of the black cat we used to have--Buddy, The Black Panther. I miss him.
(Here's a side story: When we got Buddy, our friends told us he was a "she." We took "her" to the vet to be spayed and the doctor took a good look at "her." Then he lifted "her" tail and pointed. He said, 'Mrs. Love, your cat will not be spayed today, HE will be neutered!' I never really looked at our new kitten that closely. That morning we took in a "she", who we found out was a "he" and he came home an "it."....No, seriously, he was the best cat!)
Pictured below--my BabyBoy on the day he got Buddy.
Now where was I? Oh yes, I get a little sidetracked with my stories...
Look at this cute block with the ghost hiding in the background:
And speaking of ghosts... (here I get sidetracked again, with another story!)

Here's something that I've never shared with any of my blog readers. Please don't think badly of me, but here's a secret about me. I love watching ghost shows on television. I know you're probably saying, That woman should be quilting...not watching ghost shows! My favorites: Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted. I TiVo them every week so I don't miss them. I know it's silly, but there you have it. I love ghost shows. (And ghost movies too, of course!)

Here's a ghost story for you I heard recently. I don't think it's scary enough to be featured on television, however it's one I heard while I was visiting Utah last summer.

In the Richmond, Utah cemetery in the far southeast corner is a small piece of granite that marks the grave of an Indian who died many years ago. The groundskeepers would constantly hit the marker with their lawnmowers. It would do damage to their machines, until finally one of the groundskeepers decided to remove it. He figured no one would mind. He set it along side the cemetery but everytime he did, he would find it put right back in it's place the next morning. Finally he took the marker and put it in the groundskeepers shed and locked it up. Well, the next morning, the marker was back in the ground...and the shed was still locked up! Eventually the groundskeepers left it there and marked the spot with a white stick, so they wouldn't hit it again with their lawnmowers. The marker is pictured above with a ghost's sneaker on the right. Just kidding, that's Daughter #1's foot in the picture!
How did that marker keep getting put back? Who did it? The groundskeepers think it's the ghost of the Indian who keeps putting it back....or is it?
I hope you're getting ready for Halloween and sewing up your costumes. Make a Halloween quilt too, while you're at it!


Sarah said...

Glow in the dark quilt...what amazing thing will you come up with next?!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog...but Indian? Do you mean Native American or Indian sub-continent?