Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Bad Week

Why? I don't know. I would normally blame it on the full moon, or Mercury in Retrograde, or whatever. But it was none of those things. It was just a bad week.

I'm not even going to list all the things that went wrong last week. Only a couple. I'm just glad the week is just about over. When is a week over anyway? Sat. or Sun? Who knows!

Now, what is wrong with this picture? A cooler in the kitchen. What does that mean?
It means my beautiful 4-year old Maytag refrigerator died! I first noticed an odd noise as I went to get some ice one day. Then I noticed water dripping on my wood floor! After quickly cleaning it up (no damage done, thank goodness!) I opened the freezer and noticed that everything had thawed! After unplugging it, cleaning everything out, cooking up the thawed hamburger, I lugged in our biggest cooler, filled it with bags of ice from the grocery store, and emptied the entire contents of the fridge into it. I have an extra freezer in the garage, but no extra fridge anymore.

Until the lonely Maytag repairman could come out, we lived out of this cooler for 2 days. It felt a little like camping, but not in a fun way!
Finally, I have my refrigerator again. The guy replaced the starter unit to the compressor...whatever that means! I'm just glad it works!
Also, last week...

I got a call from Daughter #2 one evening that her car was broken into. She takes the train into downtown LA everyday and parks on the roof of the parking structure at the Fullerton train station. Well, upon getting to her car one evening, this was what she found. Below is a view of the floor in the drivers side.This is how the drivers seat looked.

She called 911 to report it. They said they would send a unit out there. Well, 2 hours husband called a good friend with the Fullerton Police Dept. to see if he was on duty. He was. He said, "I'll be there in 5 min." I was surprised at how long it was taking to have an officer dispatched to my daughter. By then, Daughter #2's Sweetheart and I went to be with her. And her dad, too. After all, it was getting dark. I didn't want anything to happen to her in the dark in a parking structure! She discovered that her husband's iPod was stolen, but not the stereo. Her husband's scriptures were stolen, but not his pocket knife! So odd. Her "car kit" was stolen, but not her "72 hour kit". (note: a "car kit" has flairs, jumper cables, etc. a "72 hour kit" is what you should have in your car if you live in earthquake country like we do--includes food, flashlights, radio, etc.)

Officer Coyle filed a report and later the CSI girl came to dust for fingerprints. She didn't get any good ones. Boy, I was wishing I had my camera with me to take pictures of the whole event. The CSI girl even had on a CSI tshirt! (note: the pics you see above were taken with Daughter #2's Blackberry, just before the sun went down.)

Something good...this pretty quilt I worked on. It's hanging up at Calico House in Placentia, CA. I'm looking forward to a better week, next week!


Feather on a Wire said...

Poor you and your family.
The good news is the quilt is great!

Diane said...

It is so like you to end on a positive note! It would have been interesting to watch a real CSI in action. Glad daughter #2 is ok and that your fridge is fixed. I wish you only good things to happen this week.

Tina said...

oh, so sorry!

Quilt Hollow said...

Sorry for your bad seems it rains it pours.

On the happier note...the quilt is pretty! I wish I could see your quilting closer.

Sarah said...

How annoying! Sorry for the bad week.

Summerset said...

Not much fun at all, but no one is hurt! I hope this week is better!