Friday, December 12, 2008

Enjoying the Holiday Season

In between the Christmas rush I have been trying to enjoy the Holiday Season. I hope you are too!

Here's a cute Nativity quilt I finished quilting recently. Cute applique, don't you think?
I love the way the stars frame the scene in this quilt.
One of my family's Holiday favorites is going to the "Brea Nativity." It is an outdoor live Nativity scene put on by members of our church. As you can see, a large screen is projecting beautiful pictures above the scene:
Beautiful music was being played and sung. Below you see the choir of "angels" that were up on the roof of the church building singing. They even had trumpets as props.
Who is this below? Why, it's the Prophet Jeremiah prophesying the birth of the Messiah. (He's an Old Testament prophet.) Hey, wait a minute! That guy looks familiar! Yes, it's my husband making his acting debut. Look for him at the Oscars!
Now who wouldn't be a star without fans and paparazzi? Below is one of his biggest fans, Daughter #2:
And below is "Prophet Jeremiah" pictured with another one of his fans. That's my BabyBoy. I think he was asking him for an autograph. I was the paparazzi, of course!
I love this annual event our church members put on. Not only does it feature church members, but it also includes community leaders too. The Wise Men were played by the Brea City Council.
I love it because it reminds me of the real reason I celebrate Christmas. It's nice to take a little break and remember that.
( get back to work, Vivian!)


Jodi said... never looked better :)

Summerset said...

What a neat way to experience the Savior's birth!

Material Mary said...

I lived in Rowland Heights for 3 years and never heard of the Brea pageant. Wish I could of attended one. I actually worked in both Brea, Yorba Linda and Whittier. Love that part of California. Merry Christmas!!