Monday, December 29, 2008

Taking A Look At The "Big Picture"

That's right. Sometimes you can't see the big picture, as you are immersed in the details.

For example, take a look at this lovely log cabin quilt. You see the beautiful fabrics and my freehand quilting in the pictures below:
Now take a look at the "Big Picture." Don't you love the layout of this log cabin quilt? I love the star in the center. I did the same freehand design throughout but changed the threads to match the fabrics. That way the star wouldn't be lost. A bit time-consuming, yes, but so worth it!
And this is the back! Isn't it beautiful? I enjoyed quilting this quilt so much!
And here's someone else who can't see the "Big Picture." The Purse Dog doesn't understand why it has to rain from time to time here in Orange County.

"Hey, my toes are getting wet!"

"Why do I have to make my peeps and poops out in the rain?"
"What happened to SUNNY southern California?"
"Let me in! I don't like this one bit!"
"Please? Pretty please?"
The Purse Dog doesn't understand that when it rains at her house, this is what happens in the mountains. This is the Big Picture! Believe it or not, these are the moutains not far from Anaheim Hills:
And these are the mountains in the distance behind Yorba Linda and Brea:
I took these pictures from Bastanchury Hill not far from my house. This was the morning after a rain storm we had a few days before Christmas. The mountains look like they're floating in the air! In the foreground of the picture below, you can see the burned hills of my hometown, Yorba Linda. So sad. Hard to believe we had those wild fires just about a month ago.
Yes, sometimes it rains here, but the result is a beautiful scene in our mountains! That's the Big Picture!


Deb said...

Lovely quilting as usual Vivian! Beautiful views of the snowcapped mountains too!

Summerset said...

Absolutely beautiful quilt!

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'll never forget the first time I saw the mountains that surround the basin. We were living in Bellflower and had been there two months before it actually rained. I went out of our apt. that morning and saw those mountains in the distance (we lived on the 2nd floor) - it was amazing! I don't think I saw them that clearly again for the two years we lived in the LA area, except for actually going up to them for a drive.

kathyinozarks said...

Gorgeous quilt, and I always love to see how you quilt them. lovely pictures as well-Kathyinozarks

Debra said...

another knockout quilting effort! what can I say?

anabindu said...

Preciosas fotos! En las montañas de Málaga ya se ha ido la nieve

Feliz Año Nuevo y que sigas creando gran cantidad de esos magnificos edredones